Pito Sofrito Food Truck: Authentic Puerto Rican Fare in Stamford

Peter Dunay

To start, the truck is hard to miss since a bright blue, ocean scene wrapped vehicle really stands out within our gray, concrete jungle. If that doesn’t give it away just follow the upbeat festive music that the truck plays and you will find yourself at their queue. The menu was geared towards all types of eaters. They offered special unique sandwiches, chicken and pork Kebabs with barbeque or hot sauce, combo platters for those who like selection, and my favorite: empanadas. Before going to Pito Sofrito, I considered myself an empanada virgin.

After my visit however, forget about it! These golden, fried, crispy clouds were filled with everything from seasoned pork or beef to black beans, corn, and peppers, to guava cheesecake. I sampled the pork and beef empanadas and simply could not resist the nutella, peanut butter, and sweet plantain empanada which was fried to golden brown and topped with powdered sugar. After my first bite, the question in my head was not, “Did I order too much?” Rather, “Did I order enough?” Complements of the chef, I was able to try the trucks favorite, “Guava Cheesecake” empanada which was divine. The sweet tangy guava which oozed out with the sweet cheesecake was unparalleled. These greasy confections are perfect fast food for those on the go and are the quintessential late night snack.

On my visit, I got the pork combo platter with yellow pigeon pea rice, succulent roasted pork, and fried sweet plantains as well as the three types of empanadas. The rice was fluffy and moist with the capacity to soak up all the pork juice that collected in the bottom of the dish. The sweet plantains were cooked to a beautiful golden brown with an exterior similar to the top of a creme brulee. These gave a nice bite with the fatty, juicy roasted pork that stood high in the dish. Shredded to manageable size, the umami pork kept me going in for more and when paired with their hot sauce brought the meal to a new level.

Overall, Pito Sofrito’s knows how to dish up some amazing portable Puerto Rican lunch specials. All the food they serve is very easy to transport and can be eaten on the go. They are trying to get a spot on the beach this summer so keep an eye out and potentially they will be doing more late nights as well. It was an honor meeting the owners who were brimming with pride as they answered a few questions for me. Their passion for the cuisine and love for the process was clear in the food they prepared. Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PitoSofritoTrk/about/?ref=page_internal