LobsterCraft Opens Lobster Shack in Fairfield CT

Jessica Ryan
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It’s just as you’d imagine a perfect lobster shack to be – small, somewhat quirky, a whole lotta fun and absolutely delicious. LobsterCraft opened its retail doors a few months ago in Fairfield, just off of the Post Road. You have to look for it. If you blink you’ll likely drive past the sandwich board sign, the first time you go. But once you find it you’ll never forget. 

Parked next to the shop is their truck, and a tented, casual seating area, reminiscent of those great roadside eateries along the coast of Maine. I think those are the truest gems – lobster rolls the way lobster rolls are meant to be. This is a paper plate and paper napkin eatery which only enhances the whole lobster roll experience.

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Captain William Michael Harden is a Coast Guard Captain and licensed Lobster fisherman. In 2006 he purchased the Jennifer Lynn, a strong, sturdy lobster boat handmade in Maine. Based out of Groton, the Jennifer Lynn works their line of deep water lobster traps east of Montauk. 

Captain Mike’s passion for the ocean evolved into a business after friends asked if he could catch, cook and prepare lobster for them. Upon recognizing a void in fresh, local lobster, he purchased a truck in 2012. His lobster rolls have been critically acclaimed in local people’s choice awards such as the Best of Fairfield County and nationally by Food Network’s Flavored Nation as the best lobster roll in the country.  

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We met Captain Mike and Steve Bayless in Fairfield. Captain Mike told us that he had always had dreams of a retail location and that the small, take-out shop in Fairfield is just the beginning as he has plans to expand to other locations throughout Connecticut. “People love food trucks, but they hate chasing them down,” Bayless said. “The prep kitchen at the retail location has also come in handy for the catering orders. It’s hard to do large scale catering events off the truck,” he continued.

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“We are in the happiness business!” —Captain Mike added. 

LobsterCraft is best known for their Dirty Mainer, a classic toasted hot buttered lobster roll, but Captain Mike’s have always been considered “gourmet lobster rolls.” 

We tried a few things. The Lobster Deviled Eggs are insanely delicious. While not on the retail menu, they are on catering menu and can be pre-ordered for pick up. We think these would totally make a killer brunch item.

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What makes their lobster rolls so terrific? As with any great recipe, these guys have their secret ingredient. Inspired by Old Bay, “Captain’s Pinch” is a completely unique seasoning you’ll find many of menu items. They use a special butter, and custom baked rolls made locally. The lobster salad is just lightly dressed with huge chunks of meat. While there you might also want to think about the Cold Shrimp Salad, and their Gluten Free Clam Chowder.

Mac and Cheese lovers won’t be disappointed with theirs. A very generous portion is made from 4 cheeses, Captain’s Mustard, succulent lobster, and breadcrumbs made from leftover rolls. 

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We also tried the Lobster Crostini from the catering menu. Served on mini toasts, and without a hint of mayonnaise, the lobster has a light, lemony flavor. The caviar on top offers the right amount of saltiness, giving it a well-balanced flavor. It was delicious, on mini toasts. Delicious!

On the menu you’ll find the following:

The Coastal

Fresh cracked lobster from Maine placed in their freshly baked, perfectly toasted Split-top Rolls, topped with melted butter and a pinch of the special LobsterCraft pinch seasoning.

The Heat Wave (I’m dying to try this one!)

Like the Coastal, this one has generous amounts of fresh lobster meat packed into their freshly baked roll, then topped with their own spicy butter concoction infused with Habanaro and Serrano peppers and their LobsterCraft Pinch seasoning. This one is just spicy enough to have you running back  for more. Like ‘em extra hot, just ask, they source local ghost peppers.

L.B.L.T, Lobster, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. (Dying to try this one too!)

It all starts with their toasted roll, then they add fresh romaine lettuce, fresh tomato and lobster. The sandwich is topped off with their own garlic aioli and crisp bacon. 

The California Roll (Okay, Let the games begin!) 

This one calls for crisp cucumber, and house made Wasabi-infused soy sauce. The lobster is then topped with ripe avocado. 

Surf and Turf

This is their flagship roll. It all starts with the toasted roll. Then shaved, marinated flank steak is added to the lobster meat. Top it with the house garlic aioli, the LobsterCraft Pinch seasoning and voila!  (You may need some time alone with this one.)

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Their Pipette macaroni is mixed in with their own three cheese sauce, which is then mixed in with their lobster meat. Chipotle breadcrumbs act as the proverbial icing on the cake! 

Shrimp Salad Roll

Marinated shrimp is grilled, chilled and mixed with just the right amount of mayonnaise and spices, then stuffed in a freshly toasted roll. It is served cool.

Lobster Bisque

The lobster bisque is made from their own Lobster stock and proprietary recipe – a roux-based creamy delight on a chilly day. (Served seasonally)

Loyalty cards are at the register for repeat offenders, er, customers! 

In addition to making great lobster rolls, LobsterCraft is very philanthropic. They are committed to giving back and getting involved with community events. This summer, on your way to the beach, stop off and grab one of their fantastic lobster rolls on the way!

For more information and for catering enquiries reach out to Captain Mike and his team at:

1891 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 856-2635