Eggz Food Truck: Farm Fresh Food on Wheels

Amy Kundrat

Matt Stanczak, the former owner and mastermind behind Danbury's popular Stanziato’s, has just launched the mobile farm fresh kitchen Eggz. Open for business Monday through Saturday at Holbrook Farm, and beginning in November at the Westport Farmers' Market, Eggz will focus on egg sandwiches and other delicious farm fresh offerings with an emphasis on vegetables.

At launch, Eggz has 5 breakfast sandwich on rotation, based on classic offerings with a creative Matt Stanczak twist. The "Crack is Wack" (pictured below) is a combination of soft scrambled eggs, goat cheese, bacon, fig spread, and arugula on toasted brioche. A "Sausage, Egg, and Cheeze" is layers of housemade chicken chorizo, ever easy eggs, Vermont cheddar, and awesome sauce on a toasted brioche. Other playfully named sandwiches such as the "I'll Have What She's Having" and "Bodega Sandwich" feature prosciutto, scrambled or over easy eggs, and layers of Stanzack's fresh homemade ingredients.

In addition to breakfast sandwiches, there are 4 plates featuring a not-so-secret ingredient (eggs), including Cheezy Eggz, Breakfast Noodles (cold ramen noodles, sausage, soft egg, cheddar, sprouts, shallots and scallions), Falafel Hash (2 poached eggs, shishitos, tahini, and mint) and Matt's take on a breakfast Quesadilla (soft egg, black beans, salsa, cilantro, jalapeno, with a cheese blend on a corn tortilla).

Many Connecticut food lovers got to know Matt through his stellar wood-fired pizzas and snacks at Stanziato's, and his even wider culinary range on display at Holbrook farm dinners. Since selling Stanziato's, I know I haven't been the only one eagerly awaiting (read: borderline stalking) Matt's next move. I couldn't be more excited to know he has focused on launching Eggz, featuring the hermetically sealed perfection of eggs. With just under one week under his belt behind the wheel, I asked him a few of my burning questions.

What made you want to start your own food truck versus a brick and mortar restaurant?

Numero uno reason: it enables me to have a life and not be bogged down running a brick and mortar and all that goes along with that…I’m way to hands on and this seems like it would afford me the balance in life that we all strive for *it’s something that is completely new to me…I love that I can still cook really simple, fresh food in a non pretentious way…..I love the grass roots simple concept of cooking REAL fresh simple seasonal food out of a TRUCK!…the eggzpectations :) are usually low, in my opinion for the food that can be served off of food truck sometimes…so it’ll be nice to offer a fresh take on breakfast/lunch.

What are you most looking forward to behind the wheel and back on the line of your own operation?

*the challenge of learning a completely new business and trying to make it work *”hatching” something completely new and watching it evolve! *a daily changing menu that revolves around ONLY what is available locally…if the produce isn’t available, it won’t be on the menu Who doesn't love eggs?!

What inspired you to focus your menu on eggs, er, I mean eggz?

I’ve always loved eggz…as far back as I can remember….ask any chef and they all love to cook and eat eggz…they are so versatile far beyond the simple scramble, omelette, quiche, frittata, etc….funny cuz eggz are kinda like pizza in that we all have a style that we love that is very personal to us…maybe the way our parents cooked them for us while we were growing up…everybody seems very critical on dry vs. wet…some people cringe at a runny egg while others are very aroused by a runny egg :) maybe I’m foolish to think that I can revolve a biz around them..I guess we will see!!

The art on your truck... what inspired it and who did it?

I wanted it to be fun, clean, and simple and wasn’t into the “wrap” look or feel…so I had local Danbury bro and artist Kenny Hess sketch me up some playful stuff….we settled on a funky version of Hulk Hogan…it just seemed to fit into the whole food truck vibe….the playful, fun, and approachable feel is very important to me.

Where can we find you most days?

At this point it’s all weather dependent since we got started so late in the season, but we plan on being at Holbrook Farm Monday through Friday from 7am to about 1pm and Saturdays from 8am to about 1pm. Also find us at the Westport Winter Farmer’s Market when that kicks off in November…here and there…probably not every saturday…but we are still working that out.

I chose to park at Holbrook for the time being not only because of our familial relationship that goes back 7+ years but I also love the symmetry and vibe of being on a farm and being able to get ingredients right there.. It just seems like a good spot to get our feet on the ground, train the staff, work out the kinks, learn the truck, the cooking equipment, and everything else that goes along with running this new venture before we head out into the real world!

For more information, visit or follow Eggz on Facebook and Instagram to see where they are parked.