Best Doughnuts in CT via Fairfield Weekly

Stephanie Webster

Doughnuts are a big business in America, but the doughnut shops that are really worth visiting are not the big businesses, but rather the small shops cranking out these sweet fried gems by hand. As a lover of this low country doughy snack, I was intrigued when I recently came across an article in Fairfield Weekly by Adrienne Kane titled "Where to Find The Best Doughnuts in CT." 

On a plate, and ready to dip into your morning cup of coffee, or in a paper bag and handed to you through your open car window at the drive-thru, doughnuts are that sweet American treat that gives you a jolt of sugar in the morning. Whether you prefer the cake variety (essentially made with cake batter and fried crisp) or you prefer the yeasted, risen doughnuts — those deceptively light, air-filled masses — chances are you daily pass one of the many doughnut shops that dot Connecticut’s culinary landscape.

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