Pokémoto Opens: Fast Casual Hawaiian Poké Bowls Now In New Haven, Hamden, Fairfield, & Norwalk

Brett Levy

The delicacy of Hawaiian fast casual poké has finally made its way to Connecticut at the new Pokémoto, now open in New Haven, Hamden, Fairfield, & Norwalk. The fresh, sushi-grade fish, in addition to tofu and chicken options, is offered in an assortment of ways with a multitude of toppings and marinades from which to choose. 

I recently visited Pokémoto’s Fairfield location to try the savory bowls and enjoyed the revamped space showcasing colorful fish, fruit, and vegetables aplenty. The offerings were laid out both simply and beautifully, allowing guests to either select from Signature Bowls or create their perfect mix of flavors in a customized entrée. Poké can be enjoyed in three formats: A poké bowl over rice, a wrap nestled in a sheet of roasted Nori, or over a salad.


I tried four of the signature poke bowls – the Hawaiian, the Miso Salmon, the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp, and the Pokémoto Tofu. The Hawaiian was a skillfully made bowl that had cubes of wild caught ahi tuna tossed in a spicy mayo with sweet onions, cilantro, masago, and shredded nori over a bed of warm sushi rice. This is a loaded bowl with authentic Hawaiian fix-ins that melted in my mouth. Next, the Miso Salmon highlighted the miso flavor in perfect harmony with the mangoes and salmon. The succulent shrimp in the Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Bowl were seasoned with an ideal combination of a kick of spice and a dash of sweetness. The balance in this flavorful bowl complemented by the crunch of wonton crisps made it my personal favorite. Lastly, I tried the Pokémoto Tofu Bowl which highlighted the wonderfully prepared tofu in the Pokémoto chojang spice that enhanced this bowl’s true taste.

I also decided to create my own sushi burrito. It was another winner, so good in fact that I think they should put it on the menu and name it after me. My burrito combined salmon, crab salad, mango, radishes, and ponzu sauce, wrapped in a cozy blanket of sushi rice and seaweed. Once again, the delicious mangoes were the perfect companion to the fish. WHEN you go to Pokémoto, I highly recommend the freshly cut mangoes in your creation. 

Additionally, Pokémoto will be serving Pineapple Dole Whip and a rotating selection of soft serve to finish off your meal.

Pokémoto currently has locations in New Haven, Hamden, Fairfield, and Norwalk, and is rapidly expanding to Glastonbury, Manchester, Middletown, Stamford, West Hartford and a second New Haven location.  Soon, no matter where you live in CT, Pokémoto will be a hop, skip, and a jump away from your doorstep.

The delicacy of the Pacific Rim has finally arrived at a plethora of New England towns and cities in an enticing and approachable package. It is a treat to be dazzled by the flavorful freshness of these Poké Bowls.

Check out the Pokémoto web site for locations and hours.