Killer B Opens in South Norwalk w/ Beer, Bourbon, Bacon and Burgers (+ Decadent Milkshakes)

Jessica Ryan

There are those who say pigs don’t fly…. They’ve never had Killer B’s Bacon Flight where thick cut strips of bacon arrive attached to a clothing wire, juices dripping, only to come flying immediately off. I really intended to have just one bite…

Killer B recently opened in South Norwalk, and stands for Beer, Bourbon, Bacon and Burgers – and with that I will tell you that this bacon, offered in such flavors as bourbon, butterscotch, fire, honey and orange, was indeed “killer.”  Take a bite and you soon realize this ain’t no grocery store bacon.

As we noshed on strips of pork that was both crispy and chewy we ordered up some drinks. While there’s an impressive selection of cocktails (beers and bourbon) one stood out for its flavor, drinkability and uniqueness. A treat for all the senses, The Smokin’ B is not to be missed. Smoked right at your table, this cocktail features smoked Wild Turkey, dry vermouth, wild moon birch and bitters. Smooth and smoky this leaves a lasting impression. And that’s the goal of Killer B…to make it bigger and over the top… to create an experience. And that it does.

My favorite of the appetizers was the Beer Cheese & Bacon Nachos. I could have eaten these all-night long. True story. But these aren’t your typical nachos. These are made with potatoes – think loaded baked potato meets potato chip. Thick slices of warm, crispy, yet soft, house-made potato chips, that are blanketed by beer cheese, salsa fresca and topped bits of crispy bacon and sour cream. Take my word here.

For truly outstanding mac and cheese, the dish to order is the Bacon Mac and Cheese, served in a sizzling hot cast iron dish accompanied by generous pieces of incredibly soft and moist cornbread. Smoky, creamy, cheesy – one of the best I’ve had in a long time. With that in mind, let’s move on to the Lazy Man Lobster Mac which brings a familiar concept to a whole new level. Here a lobster is presented in its entirety with its tender, succulent meat claws, tail and all and serves as the ultimate vehicle for the cheesy noodles. It is a dish that is great fun and leaves a lasting impression.

And so we move on to the Bacon Wrapped Fried Mozz, an interesting take on the fried mozzarella stick. A cow and a pig met at a bar and then this happened. There are no words. To my bacon-and-cheese-loving friends it’s worth tossing caution to the wind here. It’s crunchy, smooth, chewy, and salty and the Bourbon Bacon Sauce elevates it to another level. In a similar vein, you will find the Volcano Potatoes, delicious. Unfortunately, the third option, the bacon wrapped baked potatoes with onion, sriracha, honey and oozing melted cheese didn’t quite do it for me.

Salad if you must, but this isn’t the type of place to go for salad. I sampled the Wedge Salad and the Cheeseburger Salad; they were fine, but I suggest saving the salads for another time. This is the type of place to go to for over-the-top-decadence.

And now on to the burgers… Three burgers arrived to our table: The Stinger, with its jalapeno patty, pepper jack, lettuce, chipotle mayo, sriracha, spicy bacon and a chili flake bun, The Country Style, which was served open-faced with lettuce and tomato, black bean and corn salsa, onion rings and corn bread and la piece de resistance, The Killer B, a sky-high compilation that includes a double-decker pork patty and beef patty seasoned with bourbon and Guinness Bourbon candied bacon, bourbon bacon mayo all sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Somewhere in this madness you’ll find a slice of tomato, lettuce and onion. Much like the Lobster, this burger is an experience. It is over the top and the presentation is so spectacular that you just want to stare at it for a moment or two to take it all in. This is what Killer B is about - the experience. It was neither the best burger I’ve ever had nor the worst. But it was the most fun, probably the most enjoyable, and it was without a doubt the most memorable.

One can’t (at least I speak for myself) enjoy a burger without noshing on a few fries. Theirs, decadently crispy on the outside, pillowy on the inside, come with toppings that include gorgonzola tabasco, blazing Cajun, Old Bay, garlic herb, truffle parmesan and honey. Of those I sampled, the Truffle Parmesan was my favorite as the spicy ones had a bit too much heat for my preference. My peers didn’t necessarily agree with me, however.

Next came dessert. But I couldn’t. I didn’t have an ounce of space left. The oversized Chocolate Peanut Butter & Double Trouble Milkshake sure did look good though! Then, to top it all off, because we hadn’t consumed enough calories or bacon for that matter, we were presented with Bacon Fried Oreos. For real.

I brought home a doggie bag. My middle kid, a six-foot-tall, 16-year-old high school sophomore, and a budding foodie in his own right, sampled the Bacon Mac and Cheese, The Stinger and the fried Oreos. He thought the Mac and cheese was stellar. He is my burger specialist and a lover of all things spicy. He gave The Stinger two thumbs up. I didn’t expect him to like or even try the deep-fried bacon Oreos as he’s typically not a fan of the sweet-salty combination. Nor does he like Oreos. But these he liked, and gave them a “very good.” He wants me to take him there. Soon. I told him that his father has to take him. I’ve got to watch my girlish figure.

P.S. I was invited to a press event at Killer B and the meal was provided without charge. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Killer B is located at 80 Washington Street in South Norwalk, 06854.