Taqueria Las Salsa Truck: Simple Tacos in Norwalk

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

What’s that brightly colored truck parked at the Auto-Zone in Norwalk serving?

As you drive west/south on Route 1 in Norwalk and approach the Avalon apartments on the corner of Belden Ave, take a look to the right into the parking lot of the Auto-Zone. Several days a week, the site will include a colorfully decorated food truck with “Taqueria” emblazoned over the front windshield and a collage of articles, food photos and menus…all to tempt hungry customers into ordering one of numerous tacos, burritos and plates of Mexican inspired cuisine. That truck is Taqueria Las Salsa.

I approached the side window and a head appeared from the passenger window to the right. All of the activity from ordering to delivery occurs near the front of the truck. My embarrassingly saying hello into the side window immediately marked me as a “newbie.” That was the owner Gil Hurtado, who has operated Taqueria Las Salsas for the last five years.

On my two visits I tasted a variety of tacos, from pork to tongue. On my first visit I ordered the Carnitas (pork) and the Lengua (tongue).  Hurtado asked if I wanted “everything,” and since I was looking for his best I quickly agreed.  The size of each taco is typical taco truck 4” diameter, and Hurtado tops with a scant amount of filling plus a sprinkling of toppings, significantly less toppings than I have received at other trucks.

The pork was very good, full of flavor and served with cilantro, tomato and pickled onions. The addition of the pickled onions versus raw onions was a good modification. The tongue was almost as good, and again the addition of the pickled onion was a great touch. A pleasant surprise was the order included tortillas, rice, black beans and cheese. These three simple ingredients were a great addition to a quick meal that cost a mere $3.50.

On my second visit, I again ordered the Carnitas, and this time added the Bistek (beef), Chorizo (sausage), and Suadero (skirt steak). Again the pork was very good; easily the best of the four on this visit and again the pickled onions were the highlight. The chorizo taco was not as good. Served with cucumbers, pickled onions and cilantro, the chorizo did not deliver the zip I was hoping for. The two beef tacos were also in this category. Each was served with raw red onion, tomato and cilantro. The beef was overcooked, very dry and lacked any flavor. It was difficult to differentiate one from the other.

My overall impression was that some of the tacos were good, but not great, tacos. Unlike Tacos El Azteca up the street, the addition of rice and beans was a nice and tasty touch, but if I had my choice, I would opt for Azteca.

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