Connecticut Burgers Go National via “A Hamburger Today”

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

For those who love hamburgers, The Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport offers two pre-designed alternatives. The Saugatuck Craft Butchery Burger is a simple hamburger with lettuce and tomato with additional toppings available (major recommendation is the bacon) and the Black Truffle Burger includes one of my new favorite additions, a fried egg. Both offer incredibly delicious meat from Westport’s own Saugatuck Craft Butchery.

Now the “Hamburgers of Fairfield County,” as well as Connecticut, will receive justifiable attention nationally in America’s most widely read hamburger review site, A Hamburger Today. My first review focused on a long-standing favorite in New Canaan, Cherry Street East and my most recent entry presented Westport’s new entrant, The Spotted Horse, where guests can enjoy hamburgers in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

“The highlight of the burgers is the incredible meat; it's one of the most flavorful patties I've ever tasted; deep and rich. The well charred patties are slightly crisp on the outside, while the interior offers a slightly hand-pressed texture. When cut in half the meat releases just a bit of juice, which the bun easily absorbs. This may be my new standard for the taste of a good burger patty.”

Take a trip to A Hamburger Today and see all that Connecticut has to offer.