Boxcar Cantina Bean Cooking Contest

Amy Kundrat

Do you have an unbridled passion for beans? Is there a killer bean recipe that always gets you raves? If so, this Boxcar Cantina Cooking Contest is for you.

The New Mexican restaurant Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich, CT is searching for the best-kept bean recipe. If you're not familiar with their bean obsession, their  “Bean of the Week” program has them experimenting with a variety of heritage beans from Rancho Gordo, available in their restaurant. And with so many bean varieties to choose from, they are on the hunt for an exceptional bean recipe that utilizes at least one Connecticut-grown ingredient. This is where you, dear reader, come in.

In addition to bragging rights, if Boxcar chooses your recipe as “the best bean recipe,” you will receive a $75.00 gift certificate to Boxcar Cantina, a Westport Farmers' Market gift basket, and the winning recipe will be featured on Boxcar Cantina’s specials menu for one month.

The Rules  

All ages and culinary levels are welcome to enter. To become a contestant go to Boxcar Cantina's Facebook Wall and write the name of your bean recipe, or simply state "I have the best bean recipe!"  Judging takes place on Thursday July 28th from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm at the Westport Farmers’ Market where contestants should bring enough of their prepared bean dish to provide a small sample to a panel of 5 judges.

There is one rule, the recipe must include at least one local Connecticut grown ingredient, but it is encouraged to use as many local ingredients as possible. If the contestant cannot make it to the Westport Farmers’ Market on the day of judging, they are allowed to send a friend with their prepared bean recipe.

Questions and more information to or visit Boxcar's Facebook page.