Cinco de Mayo Burgers & Shakes @ The Filling Station Co

This month’s Special Burger and Shake at the Filling Station in New Canaan celebrates Cinco de Mayo by offering a departure from its traditional hamburger ingredients. The May 2011 Special pairs a Chorizo Burger with the Special Shake of the Month, Dulce de Leche. The former combines the spiciness of a house made chorizo patty with the mild flavors of queso fresco, lettuce, tomato and house-made lime cilantro crema, while the latter adds a different ingredient to its Dulce de Leche interpretation.

As a hamburger traditionalist, I required a few bites to feel comfortable with the taste and texture of the non-traditional chorizo burger. The ingredients in the patty included cumin and smoked paprika and created more of a Middle East flavor than Mexican, and can best be described as robust and full-bodied. The texture of the burger also reminded me more of the Filling Station’s falafel burger creation than a hamburger. The crema and the lettuce and tomato added a softening to the boldness of the meat and the queso fresco almost took a back seat to the other, stronger flavors. Overall, the combination created a flavorful interpretation of a chorizo sausage and the toppings were a nice addition. This month’s special will be more of a fun-burger than a daily burger.

The unusual addition to this month’s special shake is coconut, which Filling Station adds to the traditional Dulce de Leche ingredient, condensed milk. The result is a sweet vanilla-based shake with a hint of coconut. What I found interesting, as I was eating the burger the coconut flavor became more pronounced after a bite of the spicy chorizo burger, almost converting my feeling that it was more of a coconut shake than a Dulce de Leche shake.

Overall the May 2011 Special Burger and Shake is an interesting and flavorful interpretation using non-traditional ingredients and combinations in tribute to Cinco de Mayo and offers an add-on fun-burger to its tradition menu. I would order one to see the creativity of a hamburger to celebrate an historic event. Stay tuned for next month’s overview of the Filling Station Burger of the Month which this beef lover hopes returns a twist of an old-time favorite.