What's New @ The Westport Farmers Market

Liz Rueven

Lisa Storch and Glen Colello, chef/owners of Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe in Fairfield,  will present samples of their fare at the Westport Farmers’ Market on September 2.  If you are interested in learning more about organic, vegan, raw or gluten free preparations you don’t want to miss tasting their offerings.

Boston Lettuce Salad will be presented in bite size wraps to hungry shoppers.   They source crisp, freshly picked lettuce from Two Guys From Woodbridge and combine with  raw, finely grated, fuchsia beets from Riverbank or Fort Hill Farms.  A sweet and simple dressing of honey (Red Bee Apiary)  with mustard and herbs, moisten this salad. Candied pecans and nut “cheese,” made with a base of  ground cashew nuts, rounds out the filling of these crunchy and delicious wraps.

For those seeking a densely nutritious liquid punch, taste the Green-Ya-Colada.  The blenders will be whirling as deep green,local and organic spinach is combined with banana, orange, pineapple juices and coconut oil.  Drink it and know that you are healthier for it!

Catch a Healthy Habit presents speakers and films 4-5 times a month.  These presentations range from “how-to” demos on raw food prep to  lectures “demystifying raw foods”.  Well known speakers and advocates of the raw and vegan food world often present at this cafe committed to healthier eating and lifestyle.  The owners will be at the market with schedules of their September events along with menus and information about offerings in their retail shop.  They are always happy to elaborate on any aspect of  ingredients or preparation techniques, so don’t be shy about asking questions !

Catch a Healthy Habit is located at 39 Unquowa Rd., next door to the Fairfield Community Theatre.  The Westport Farmers’ Market is open on Thursdays from 10-2.