"Food For All" Fundraiser: 15 CT Chefs + YOU Can Help End Hunger in America

Stephanie Webster
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Help end hunger in your community by supporting Food Rescue US's annual fundraiser, FOOD FOR ALL on April 24th, and enjoy a great culinary experience with 15 incredible local chefs. View the complete list of chefs below.

Food for All has become one of Fairfield County's most popular strolling, tasting events and this year features many fan favorites from past years and some of the hottest, new restaurants on the local dining scene. General Admission tickets are $150.   Click here for tickets:   foodrescue.us/foodforall

Food Rescue US, is a direct-transfer food rescue organization dedicated to ending food insecurity and food waste in America. Food for All helps make their mission happen. Please join us on April 24th at the Loading Dock in Stamford, CT.  The event highlights the organization’s important work delivering more than 7 million meals a year to the food insecure and keeping more than 8 million pounds of food waste out of landfills.

Event Details:

April 24, 2019

6:30-9 PM

Abigail Kirsch at The Loading Dock

375 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford, CT 06902

Tickets: $150

Featured Restaurants: 

Abigail Kirsch

Brick Walk Tavern

My Myx


Jesup Hall

Knot Norms Catering

Le Rouge Chocolates

Lulu Chinese

Match/Match Burger Lobster


Terrain Garden Cafe

The Spread

Village Social

Winfield Deli

Food Rescue US is grateful for the generous sponsors of this year's event: Northern Trust, Janice and Jim Bottiglieri, Elizabeth and Joseph Massoud Family Foundation, MAV Foundaiton, CTbites and media sponsor Serendipity.   We are also grateful for the restaurants and beverage companies that have donated their superb food and drinks for the event.

The Food Rescue US CEO Carol Shattuck said, “Now in its 9th year, Food for All is a highly anticipated event that features excellent food presented by top local restaurants and fun beverages.  But most importantly, together we are helping fund our important work to end hunger and food waste in Fairfield County and around the country.    Each year, thousands of volunteer food rescuers rescue food from food donor that would otherwise be wasted and deliver it to agencies that are feed the food insecure.    We now operate in 20 locations in 12 states and the District of Columbia.   Any food leftover from Food for All will be rescued and delivered that night to local agencies that feed the hungry.”

About Food Rescue US

Founded in 2011, Food Rescue US is committed to ending American food insecurity and food waste through direct-transfer food rescue. Food Rescue US relies on a proprietary app to connect food donors with receiving agencies feeding the hungry with volunteer food rescuers who deliver the food from point a to point b.  Established as a 501(c)3 non-profit food-rescue platform, Food Rescue US is focused on transferring healthy, usable foods that would otherwise end up in landfills to where it can help feed those in need.    Since our founding we have delivered more than 30 million meals to the food insecure and rescued more than 43 million pounds of food from ending up in landfills.