"Teas" Your Palette with The Bubble & Brew Truck: Sweet Treats, Tea & Coffee

Kristin L. Wolfe

When going to a farmers market,  you may expect to get swept away by a beautiful, robust eggplant or the wafting aroma from a fresh loaf of Italian bread. You may not expect, however, to fall in love with a food truck. The actual truck, that is. In August, I was swept away by a candy apple color of the Bubble & Brew truck at the Wilton Farmers Market adjacent the Historical Society. I was at the vegetable stand when directly across from me was the most beautiful striking flash of red. 

Bubble & Brew-1.jpg

That red came from an old, retired fire truck transplanted to Wilton from Normandy, France and has now captured many hearts across Fairfield County. Getting its start in May at a posh reception in honor of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Bubble & Brew has truly been on a roll. The pleasant surprise is, behind the charming exterior of the truck, are Wendy and Madison Fellows, a passionate mom and daughter team who’ve left no stone unturned. 


In addition to their impressive design aesthetic---their 37 tea canisters were painted red to match the truck--the Bubble & Brew team has serious baking chops. With sweet treats for every palette, tasters will be delighted by all the offerings from this tiny dream on wheels. People will be astounded by some of their best sellers like the sticky toffee pudding, which is actually gluten-free. That said, Wendy points out they prefer to use the phrase “gluten-sensitive” since they bake in a kitchen that is not entirely gluten-free.  I swooned over the carrot-cake that surprised me with a kick of orange zest, the tang of blueberry in their mini-pie, a subtle jolt in an espresso cream macaron, and the buttery flavor of an Earl Grey shortbread. Bubble & Tea’s tiny indulgences are endless.


And, whether you are a hot or cold tea drinker, their variety is unmatched.  The duo blazed many paths to not just offer tea, but offer an array of styles underscored by experience and knowledge. They tried teas at places high and low, from specialty tea parlors in New York, and across Europe; they even traveled to Kentucky to take the Tea Masters seminar at the renowned Elmwood Inn.

Being new to bubble tea, I was mesmerized by the London Fog, B & B’s blend of Earl Grey Tea, Milk, and the yummiest, chewy boba, the black tapioca (gluten-free) pearls which pile up like treasures at the bottom of the cup.


Coffee drinkers must not fret, they’ve more then taken care of that side of the tap. As an equal opportunity caffeinator, I was so pleased to find a cadillac of espresso machines within their dashing nook.


It was not easy, but the Fellows did everything possible to produce a quaint tasting experience that would bring the community to them, and keep them coming back for more. They wanted the truck to be as environmentally efficient as possible, not to mention, keep with their chic, elegant design. They found an engineer in Pennsylvania who could not only renovate  the truck for consumer needs, but do so without a noisy, pollution-pumping generator. 

What’s Next
Their next goal is to make their mobile magic even more mobile, since they are still quite limited as to how far and fast they can travel in the truck right now. Wendy says, “In reality, moving ahead we'd really like to expand our relationship with our community and become more involved with the school systems, library and community events. We really enjoy that part of our business. We're so lucky to live in a town with such caring and welcoming people.”


And, in terms of goodies on the horizon,  “We'd like to introduce our clients to our loose teas and teaware. We've gathered our favorite tumblers, strainers, tea pots and cups and would love to share them with everyone. We offer them through our website and will start making up gift baskets for the upcoming holidays.”

The gals of Bubble & Brew have found a way to combine their interests in design, baking, and driving. Now you must find a way to their charming red truck.

You may see them at your local farmers’ market, but follow them on facebook or instagram for the most up-to-date event listings. And, don’t be shy, hire them for a house party.

Bubble & Brew