Newbrook Kitchen & Paleo Cafe Opens in Westport

Peter Dunay

I first walked up to Newbrook Kitchen, on Riverside Avenue in Westport, with no idea what cuisine the two cartoon girls that are stuck on the front window of their restaurant would be serving. I did no prior research into their business because I wanted the element of surprise to truly hit once I uncovered who they are. What I found at Newbrook was a very pleasant surprise. Stationed in Saugatuck, Westport in a little strip mall, this mother daughter operation is here to make you a believer. As their name would definitely lead you to believe, they are a Paleo restaurant, catering service, and landmark pumping out some of the best health food you can find in the Fairfield County.

It turns out, the family operation did not want to include the word, “paleo” in their name due to the unjustifiable stigma that their food must be flavorless, unappealing, and unsophisticated. However, one bite of their Caveman Cookie or one lick of their honeycomb ice cream and you will want to go back and live with the cavemen and women. Both chefs Cindy and Danielle are affected by an autoimmune disorder which prompted them take up the currently trending “Paleo Diet.” Fortunately, this mother daughter chef duo really adhered to this style of eating and living and joined together to start this stellar initiative to cook for not only their dietary needs but, their communities. Both with formal culinary training, it only made sense to cater to their needs and cook beautiful, healthy, and satisfying food for the rest of the Westport and beyond.

Preparing all their foods with no gluten, corn, soy, milk, refined sugars, or stabilizing gums; Newbrook Kitchen is going back to basics with their preparation and ingredients, but not their sophistication or flavors. They only use locally sourced produce and humanely raised meat  and let their freshness do the talking since they work to highlight natural flavors instead of using processed ingredients to manipulate your taste buds. Although their food is free of gluten, milk, and carcinogens they are not free of taste or enjoyment!

Their intrepid mission is to show that while the food is good for your body, it tastes wonderful and is innovative, creative, and unique. While on site, I was graciously served many fabulous dishes courtesy of the chef. To start I sampled the Avocado Toast, which to some millennials come across as “basic” but, when it tastes this good, who cares! Fresh avocado lightly mashed with coarse pink himalayan salt mounted atop their homemade almond based bread. Between the bread and the fatty fruit was a nice layer of beet cucumber puree that provided a powerful, purple pop. The bread which the mother makes includes a plethora of nuts and seeds making it  gluten free but, not void of pleasure. Although, it is made of many dense ingredients, this bread is the perfect vessel for the avocado because it is light and airy but yet sturdy. Topped with micro-greens and pine nuts to top the toast was like having granola on your ice cream. It's the crunch you crave with your sweet dessert; except in this case your ice cream is avocado and your granola is the pine nuts.

Next, I tried the Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Housemade cinnamon raisin bread with cashew boursin, smoked salmon, micro-greens with a roasted tomato and sautéed arugula salad on the side. The sandwich was a surprising change from the usual salmon and lox because of their cinnamon raisin bread. Sweet and salty combo was an innovative and unique take and it was delicious. The salty smoked salmon, tamed by the cashew boursin and petit micro- green salad all nestled between the sweet bread to make an incredible bite that will enjoyably twist your tongue.

As we got to talking, we discovered that we share a very similar heritage to the extent at which it was almost bizarre how close our stories matched up. It also made the story too wild when their Sauerkraut and sausage tasted just like my Oma’s. Sour, stewed cabbage with a freshly grass finished sausage topped by a creamy tangy aioli. Straight dynamite and it's gluten free and completely healthy. I don't know how they made it taste like I was sitting around the table in my Oma's kitchen but, it was wildly delicious, traditional, and a must have.

Thankfully, I received a mini lava cake for the road which the mother who serves as the lovely pastry chef prepared. Sometimes gluten free desserts can be a hit or miss. Either they are dry like a desert and crumble like a scorched field or they are moist, sweet, and divine; this cake was the latter. Although, it was not runny like a lava cake mainly because it's meant to be on the go, it was still gooey in the middle, chewy on top, and chocolatey all around. Far superior to its gluten filled counterparts, this portable cookie even comes with a well in the middle for their cashew, coconut milk ice creams that will put you in dessert heaven.

Even if you find yourself in Newbrook Kitchen but, are not hungry take a look at the fashion and esthetic line on the right hand side. Lined with local beautiful candles made in wine bottles would please even the biggest candle or wine snob, interesting handmade jewelry sourced from the art teachers in the area, and fresh scarves sourced from India to give native woman a fair sustainable income. Everything is beautiful and

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the Newbrook Kitchen and their cuisine. Artisanal, innovative, and delicious not to mention healthy however, the only thing sacrificed in their preparation are the bad things we commonly eat without regard. With only three weeks under their belt, the new girls on the block are ready to show you what they got and make you feel awesome doing so. It is incredible how fresh, clean, and energized you can feel if you follow a chemical clear diet and I will certainly be back. Check them out on FaceBook: and at their location: 37 Saugatuck Avenue, Westport, CT.   

Newbrook Kitchen 37 Saugatuck Avenue, Westport 203.557.6087