Dough Girls Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Peter Dunay

I come from Italian blood, and I have eaten my fair share of pizza, pasta, and pastries throughout my life. I have had pizza in Pisa and Parmesan in Parma, and it was all lovely. However, may I say, watch out grandma’s worldwide, Dough Girls Pizza Truck is coming for you because these pizzas are epic. Their custom outfitted food truck is packing a blazing hot wood fire oven which they use to crank out personal sized pizzas on the spot. Dough Girls Pizza Truck is based out of Greenwich, CT and sometimes make appearances in Stamford during lunch hours.

The proprietor started the truck because she didn't dream about her finance job and longed to be around food again. Growing up in West Haven she was no stranger to the legendary pizza that's being churned out of her sister city, New Haven. So she went back to her roots, worked as a private chef, and after years of recipe testing opened their food truck just under two years ago. The job is hot and demanding, but the pleasure she receives from serving up some divine pizzas makes it all worth it.    

Typically, I consider myself a saucy person. I like extra sauce on all things: steak, burritos, and pizza. However, Dough Girls Pizza is an exception. Their sauceless pizzas not only were flavorful, beautiful, and artisanal; they blew other pizza out of the oven. On my visit, I got four pizzas: “Mashed” which had mashed potatoes, bacon, caramelized onions, and provolone cheese. The “Caprese” featured had cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlic oil, basil, and parmesan. “The Mac,” well, it had mac and cheese and I, of course, added bacon and jalapenos. Lastly, the only pizza I sampled with sauce the “Arugula” which had vodka sauce, mozzarella, arugula, prosciutto, and shaved parmesan.

Now, before trying the mashed potato pizza, I was highly skeptical of this combo. Soft on soft is not a very exciting texture after all but, I was so naive to think that! The crispy crust from the smoldering wood-fired oven and the little bit of caramelization the potatoes received from the inferno made this duo one for the ages. The “Caprese” was a classic fresh, authentic pizza which transported me straight back to Rome with the first bite. The simplicity of this pie means that every detail needs to be on point, which they were. The fresh cool cherry tomatoes which oozed their natural sweet juices married together with the garlic oil to make each bite moist while still keeping the crust chewy on the top and crackly on the bottom.

Mario Batali said that burnt could be a flavor when controlled. He mentioned the finesse required to tame the char and the keen eye to recognize when it’s done. The chef on Dough Girls has mastered this and will make you a believer. The slightly bitter notes that come from the char are incredible with the creamy, stretchy, and cheesy flavors you get from the pizza.

Overall, this pizza is spectacular and worth trying. It is perfect for a quick lunch due to its individual size, and it's also ideal for a late night snack. Look for them in Greenwich and Stamford and check them out on Facebook:   Don't forget, life is too short for bad pizza!