Pan-Roasted Cauliflorets With Pine Nuts & Raisins Recipe via Match Restaurant

Stephanie Webster

Looking for a simple but delicious last minute Thanksgiving side dish? After eating this off the menu at Match Restaurant, we asked Chef Storch to share his recipe with CTbites. We are working on this in our kitchen right now. I hope you try it in yours. Enjoy Match Restaurant's  Pan-Roasted Cauliflorets With Pine Nuts and Raisins. 

Match Pan-Roasted Cauliflorets

Serves 4

1 Head of Cauliflower Cut into Very Small Florets

1 Cup Slab Smokey Bacon Lardons (optional)

1T Butter

4T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8 Sprigs of Thyme, Picked

½ Cup of Golden Raisins

¼ Cup of Pine Nuts – Toasted



Juice of 2 Limes


Heat a large pan on HIGH heat.  

Add the butter and ½ of the olive oil in the pan.  

Carefully add the cauliflower, do not over crowd the pan.  Give a quick toss or stir and then let the florets caramelize.  

Add the Bacon if you choose to use it.

After a minute give the pan a toss or a stir again and then let the florets caramelize on the other side.  

Add the remaining olive oil, raisins, pine nuts & Lime juice to the pan.  Toss or stir together for another minute

Add the thyme leaves and serve.  

If you want a little crunch add some butter toasted panko breadcrumbs!