WIN FREE TIX! Bar Sugo Hosts "Sugo Social," Pig Roast & Stand Up Comedy Event

CTbites Team

WIN 2 FREE TIX to "SUGO SOCIAL," a family style pig roast/stand-up comedy event, hosted by Ken Tuccio and Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo on June 26th. 

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This event will feature a full roasted pig and all the fixins, a stand-up comedy performance featuring 3 of Connecticut’s most well known stand-up comedians, as well as exclusive beer on tap from Hamden CT’s No Worries Brewing Company

This event will also feature 2 culinary demonstrations from Chef Pat Pascarella, where you can participate and work with Pat while he prepares the roasted pig and side dishes he will be serving that day. 

As if this wasn't enough, SUGO SOCIAL will host 2 beer tasting experiences from No Worries Brewing. They will not only teach you about the beer you’re drinking, but also give you insight on how it’s made. 

Then, to close the event, you can sit back, laugh and enjoy the social aspect of life with 3 stand-up comedy performances from award winning stand-up comedians Dan Kalwhite, Howie Mason and Kevin Fitzgerald. 

This unique event is unlike anything ever done in Norwalk before, and is sure to be an amazing time for friends and family alike. 

SUGO SOCIAL happens Sunday, June 26th, 1pm at Bar Sugo; located at 102 Wall Street in Norwalk CT. 

SUGO SOCIAL is all about the social aspect of food, beer and community. 

Tickets for this event are only $75 are available right now at 

The ticket gets you: 

- All The Pig and Side Dishes you can eat, prepared by Chef Pat Pascarella and Bar Sugo. 

- Open Bar, featuring the beers of No Worries Brewing 

- Three Stand Up Comedy Performances from Dan Kalwhite, Howie Mason and Kevin Fitzgerald.