Kids Bites: My Top 10 Gluten Free Products

Maizy Boosin

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Hi! I’m Maizy, and I have Celiac Disease. When I was a toddler my parents noticed that I was eating obscene quantities of food, but not gaining any weight or getting any taller as the months went on, so they took me to the doctor. The doctor tested me for celiac, and the results came back positive. One endoscopy later, it was confirmed. I had celiac. Going 100% gluten free was a challenge at first, but it all turned out for the better! I have tried many delicious gluten free snacks, but also many that taste like cardboard or dirt. 

Here are my Top 10 Gluten Free Products.

Canyon Bake House: Everything Bagel  

I love bagels, and have a mental list of all of the amazing ones that I would buy again, but these are by far the best. The bread is light and airy, and the flavors hit the nail on the head. Rate: 15/10 

Glutino: Pretzels 

If you are gluten free, chances are you have heard of Glutino. This very popular gluten free brand makes everything from mac and cheese to toaster strudels, but the pretzels are their best product. They have a really nice crunch to them, and don’t taste like cardboard, as most gluten free pretzels do. I rate these 9/10 

Feel Good Foods: Chicken Dumplings 

These dumplings are my favorite frozen meal, because when they are cooked, they taste homemade. The wrapper on the outside has the best taste and my sister has told me that they taste like gluten wrappers (my little sister does not have celiac, and takes her gluten very seriously.) The chicken in the middle is so tender, and I have never gotten a bad piece. Overall rate: 100/10 

Bisquick: Pancake Mix  

These pancakes are a family favorite! They taste better than the normal Bisquick pancakes (according to my cousin) and are so easy to make! They taste like cake, and depending on how long you cook them, con be quite fluffy and light. Overall rate: 10/10 

Delallo: Orzo Pasta 

Although this pasta takes a long time to cook, it tastes like heaven. Unlike most gluten free pastas, it does not deteriorate in broth, so it is perfect for soups. This product is made with 70% corn flour and 30% rice flour, but doesn’t have that overpowering corn taste. Overall rate: 9/10  

Saffron Road: Tandoori Chicken Nuggets  

These Indian inspired chicken nuggets are amazing. The flavors are smoky, yet they taste fresh and spicy. These chicken nuggets are by far my favorite chicken nuggets or tenders and taste like they came directly from India. Overall rate: 10/10 

Trader Joe’s: Mac and Cheese 

Ok, where do I start? Like pretzels, I have tried many different types of gluten free macaroni and cheese. I have tried many brands, but most of them just tasted wrong. This one, however, tasted amazing, unlike any other gluten free mac and cheese I had ever had. The rice pasta had the perfect consistency, and the cheese sauce is creamy, and just how you would want it to be. Overall rate: 11/10 

Schär: Hot dog buns 

When I first had one of these hot dog buns, I had everyone in my family try one because they are so good. The only thing wrong with them is the fact that the two sides of the bun tend to break apart from each other, but that doesn’t effect the taste of the bread. It’s fluffy and squish-able, just like the potato rolls I’ve seen. Overall rate: 9/10 

Tate’s: Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies have a nice crunch, as thin chocolate chip cookies would, but the chocolate chips are soft. I really don’t know how they make the chocolate chips soft, because these cookies stay in the cabinet, and I have never heated them up, to melt the frosting. Overall rate: 10/10 

Yehuda: Matzo Squares 

My family is not overly religious, but when it comes to Passover, we always have matzo, and just because my non-celiac family has matzo, doesn’t mean I can’t. Actually, most of my family prefers the crunchy, salty, gluten free matzo to theirs. This matzo is so crunchy, and when you put it in your mouth, it tastes like salt, and faint honey. Overall rate: 20/10