Greer Fredericks Sells Mama's Boy in SoNo

CTbites Team

In a letter posted on Facebook, Greer Fredericks officially announced the sale of Mama’s Boy in SONO. CTbites was introduced to Greer prior to its opening and watched as the restaurant expanded the boundaries of the food scene in SONO, both from a geographic as well as culinary perspective. Mama’s Boy started several food crazes in Fairfield County including shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, and introduced catfish to many.  And when the desserts arrived at the tables, guests stared in awe at the size of the cake slices. Greer did not stop with Mama’s Boy. Last year she opened Jax, named after her son, serving some of the best sandwiches in the area.

Greer told CTbites a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to spend more time with her adorable son Jax, take a break and plan her next venture. All of us look forward to the next time we can enjoy her food and be told to “Kiss My Grits.”

Best of luck Greer.

[Photo courtesy of CTpost]