Bar Sugo's Pat Pascarella Shares Recipe for Fiore di Zucca Modo Mio (Fried Zucchini Blossoms)

CTbites Team

Chef Pat Pascarella, of Bar Sugo in Norwalk, will be the Guest Chef at The Westport Farmers' Market next week, Thursday June 25th. He will be demonstrating and sharing his delicious recipe for Fiore di Zucca Modo Mio, or fried zucchiniflowers filled with goat cheese. Um...who doesn't like that? These delicate nibbles are seasonal and not to be missed. 

Fiore di Zucca Modo Mio

8 ounces of Beltane Farm Fresh Goat Cheese

5 basil leaves chopped

20 zucchini flowers

8 ounces of Whole milk

Flour for drenching


Whip the beltane goat cheese and basil together in a food processor.  Put into a piping bag and fill the zucchini flowers.  

Flour the flowers, then dip in milk, then back in flour.  Fry in a medium heat saute pan with oil.  Cook for about a minute or both sides or until both sides are a beautiful golden brown.  Season with salt and serve.