Palmwich Healthy Real Food Drive-Thru in Darien Expands Menu

Jessica Ryan

Last summer Palmwich opened its drive-through window to hungry drivers and passengers in Darien. They posed the question; why can’t fast food be real food? Why can’t real food be fast, delicious and good for you? They then set out to prove that, it can indeed be all that. They started off with a limited yet inspiring menu that featured chopped salads, hand-held sandwiches and house-made beverages, all of which are nutritious, wholesome, natural and freshly made, while taking into mind sodium, sugar and fat content. Additionally, their menu feature items that are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan to suit all dietary needs, proving that this good for you, good food can indeed be delicious and served up quickly. Now, they’re expanding the menu.

By shifting and offering more variety, regular customers will have more to choose from. Loyalists will still find the traditional Palmwich wraps. The Whole Grain Flax Wrap debuts on this new menu. Traditional salads once served in tall plastic cups will now be offered in a salad bowl that is easy to eat from, portable and recyclable. 

Although I have yet to sample the new menu, I was a huge fan of the items I had sampled. I thought the sandwiches and salads to be incredibly fresh and incredibly flavorful bursting with color and texture that one does not ordinarily associate with fast food. 

The greatest change is the addition of The Warm Kitchen Bowl, made with brown rice, organic quinoa and lentils. These new bowls, salads and wraps can be filled with such creative options as the Sonoma Sunset, New Mexacali, Teriaki Stir Fry, Hummus Heaven, Healthy Harvest, Mediterranean Mix or Tuscan Pesto. Lean proteins such as herb-roasted chicken, juicy hand-pulled pork and lemon garlic shrimp can be added as can your choice of superfood such as avocado, walnuts, almonds, chia, flax or hemp. The warm bowls reheat well for those wishing to eat lunch at the office or at home. 

Health enthusiasts looking for something lighter, whether at lunchtime, mid-morning or during the afternoon, will enjoy their Better Beverages line of freshly squeezed fruit and veggie blends. Select from Orange is the New Black, Free Radical Fighter, Fountain of Youth, Green Goddess, Green Machine, Lean Green Machine, Slender Splendor or Antioxidant A+.

We mustn’t forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the folks at Palmwich will ensure that your day’s start is both healthy and delicious. If you’re en route to work the scrambled egg wrap can be enjoyed while on the road. There are several options from which to choose including Better Bacon, Egg and Cheddar, Better Sausage, Egg and Cheddar, New Mexicali Scramble or Mediterranean Scramble. Or perhaps you’d rather wait until you get to your desk. In that case you can order your scrambled eggs in a bowl. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, you can select the Power Protein Oatmeal or Non-fat Greek Yogurt topped with Strawberry Banana Nut, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Almond, or Fruit and Granola. The Skinny Kitchen menus offer those watching their waistline options that are 400 calories and under. 

Do you find yourself often driving around with little ones? Don’t worry, the folks at Palmwich haven’t forgotten about the children. After all they understand how important it is to have healthy options for busy kids on the go and they have a Hungry Monkey Roll-up (peanut butter, jelly and sliced bananas on whole grain flax wrap), Super Mac Bowl (gluten-free pasta and cheddar cheese) and a Kiddo Quesadilla (chicken and cheddar cheese on a whole grain flax tortilla).

For more information as well as access to the interactive menu, where you can order your food right online, visit their website at Can’t make it to the drive-thru? No worries, there’s an option for delivery as well. 

205 Boston Post RdDarien, CT 06820