Christian Petroni of Fortina Pizza Shares Mom's Easter Pie Recipe

Stephanie Webster

When we asked Fortina'sChristian Petroni  to share an Easter recipe, he turned to an Italian classic...his mother. Much of Petroni's culinary inspiration is derived from a richly food-centric childhood just outside of Naples, and this Easter recipe is no exception. Christian's mother's cooking can often be spotted on the menus of Fortina Pizza (Armonk, Ryebrook & Stamford coming soon), and now on CTbites. Thanks to Fiorella & Christian Petroni for sharing a little bit of their holiday with this ultimate comfort food Recipe for Easter Pie. What type of "pie" you ask. This recipe features: salami, sweet provolone, ricotta and eggs...enough said. 

Easter Pie Recipe by Fiorella Petroni

A store bought crust will do!

What you will need:

16” by 11” pan

1 lb. of salami (cut fine with a scissor)

1 lb. of sweet provolone (also cut with a scissor very fine)

3 lbs. ricotta cheese

10-12 medium eggs

2 handfuls of grated Pecorino Romano


1. Whisk eggs together alone so they are nice and fluffy, then put aside

2. Mix ricotta, black pepper, salami, sweet provolone, and Romano together.

3. Then add the eggs to this mixture.

4. Pour the mixture into the pan.

5.  Spread the crust on top so it is nice and thin. Make sure you use a form so push the edges down like a quiche.

6. Make 14 small holes with a knife and put in the oven at 350 degrees.

7. Keep in until golden brown.  You can poke a fork in to make sure it is not too wet.  (You do not want it dry, moist is better)