Holiday Recipe: Autumn Old Fashioned by La Zingara in Bethel

CTbites Team

Although we all love the Thanksgiving holiday, there comes a time in any family gathering where one simply requires a cocktail or two. La Zingara in Bethel is here to help you in your time of need with a classic drink. Their Autumn Old Fashioned cocktail recipe will drown out any trying relative, and just make the dinner that much better.  

Autumn Old Fashioned

Muddle the following ingredients in a rocks glass:
2 brown sugar cubes
 dash angostura bitters

splash of high quality cranberry juice

Then add and muddle lightly:

 4 fresh cranberries and a  slice orange 

Then add the following in a shaker and stir:

1/4 oz gran marnier

large ice cube

3 oz favorite rye

Garnish with fresh cranberry and flamed orange twist.