Fairfield Cheese Company Fall Class Schedule

CTbites Team

Fairfield Cheese Company classes are back in session and school has never been this delicious. Whether you are a cheese novice looking for a anintroduction to the basics, or a cheese-aficionado seeking to expand your knowledge on a specific variety, they've got the class for you. 

I jumped at the chance to attend one of these sessions back in October and spent some time with owners Laura and Christopher who lead these entertaining and informative evenings. If you would like some background on Fairfield Cheese Company, check out our review, "Cheese 101."

With wine pairings from Harry's Wine & Liquor, this is the perfect way to break out of that dinner-and-a-movie date night rut. 

Thursday, September 18th, 7-9pm: Cheese & Olive Oil

Have you ever been offered a taste of an olive oil that you are assured is “extra virgin, unfiltered, with an overwhelmingly green flavor and notes of white pepper”? If you thought to yourself “I like it, but what does all that mean?” this is the class for you. Learn to decipher the jargon of olive oil tasting while trying olive oils from all over the world. We will be hand-selecting olive oils for their characteristic flavors and textures and serving them with the perfect pairing of cheese and wine. $45

Tuesday, October 14th, 7-10pm: Perfect Pairings: The Basics of Matching Cheese with Beer

Cheesemongers all around the world have a secret--beer is an easier match for cheese than wine! In this class we are going to reveal why and uncover some basic rules that will help you create some of your own perfect pairings. $45

Friday, October 24th, 7-10pm: Swiss Dinner

Chris is back in the kitchen and this time the theme is the small village dairies of Switzerland. Join us for a five course meal featuring the best of the alpine slopes with wine to match. Chat with our special guest, Johnathan Richardson, who works for Columbia cheese, the company responsible for bringing in our much-beloved Chällerhocker. $100

Monday, October 27th, 7-9pm: Neal’s Yard Tasting and a Cheese Journey

Join us as we taste Neal’s Yard Dairy cheeses with our special guest, former Neal’s Yard monger and educator Chris George. Chris and his partner Anna Juhl will be telling us about their new venture, Cheese Journeys, which designs fully-planned adventures to tour and explore cheese histories all around the world. We will get a behind the scenes look at the origins of the best British cheeses and a glimpse of what we might discover on our own cheese journey to England. $45

Thursday, November 6th, 7-9pm: Raclette

As the air turns colder, our thoughts turn to warm and melty dinners like fondue and lesser-known Raclette. We’ll be learning about the history of Raclette, which refers to both the type of cheese and derives from the French racler “to scrape.” We’ll be sampling this delightful winter dish which is melted over heat or hot stone and scraped over roasted potatoes, meats, and veggies. $45

Thursday, November 13th, 7-9pm: Perfect Pairings: Cheese & Wine

Every so often, we find pairings of cheeses and wines that go above and beyond, complementing each other in a way that can only be described as "Marriages-Made-in-Heaven.” In this class, with the help of our friends at Harry’s Wine & Liquor, we will pair the perfect cheese with its perfect wine match and discuss the basics of pairing cheese with wine. $45

Tuesday, December 2nd, 7-9pm: Cheese & Chocolate with Taza Chocolate

Indulgence in great food and drink around the holiday season is nearly universal, and tonight we do it right! Taza Chocolate is located in Boston and produces organic, stone ground minimally processed chocolate with complex, bold flavor and texture. Tonight they join us to match up their artfully crafted chocolate with our cheese. Join us as we discover some surprising pairings. We’ll be pouring a little bubbly to wash it all down. It will be a rather indulgent evening, so let the holiday season begin! $45