Vote for CTbites for Best Local Blog in Best of Fairfield County Readers Poll 2013

CTbites Team

To all our readers who have enjoyed CTbites this past year, please VOTE FOR CTBITES to win BEST LOCAL BLOGGER in the annual Best of Fairfield County Readers Poll. Every vote makes a difference. VOTE HERE. 

Here's how to vote: Quickly register and then select the Media & Education category. You will find CTbites under "Local Blogger" &"Local Twitterer." If you don't see us in the pulldown menu...WRITE US IN. 

Thanks for your support!

How To Vote:

1) Fill in the information in the voter registration box, then click "Vote" in order to begin.

2) After you have registered, you will be taken to the voting page. Select a section (Bars & Clubs, Restaurants, etc.) and vote in whatever categories you choose. Popular choices are provided in a drop-down menu. You may write in a new choice by selecting the "Write in a new choice" option in the drop-down. Please check to see if your choice already exists in the drop-down menu before entering a write-in vote.

3) Do not vote for a business in a category for which it does not apply. These votes will not be counted.

4) You have the option of leaving a comment along with any or all of your votes. Comments are optional. We'll use some of your comments when we put together our Best of Fairfield County Winners' issue later this year! 

5) When you have entered your votes in any section, hit the "Submit and Continue" button to move to the next section. Once you have hit this button, you can no longer go back, so make sure you are done voting in that section. You must hit "Submit and Continue" in order for your votes to be counted. You can skip sections if you wish.

6) When you are all done voting, hit the "Finalize Ballot" button. This will submit your ballot to us. Make sure you are satisfied with your choices before finalizing the ballot.

7) You must vote in 10 categories before you can submit your ballot.