Fairfield Cheese Co. Cheese School Spring 2013

CTbites Team

Fairfield Cheese Company classes are back in session and school has never been this delicious. Whether you are a cheese novice looking for a an introduction to the basics, or a cheese-aficionado seeking toexpand your knowledge on a specific variety, they've got the class for you. 

Thursday, April 11th. 7-9pm: Grilled Cheese: Beyond Kraft Singles and White Bread

April is National Grilled Cheese Month and what better way to celebrate than a class all about our favorite sandwich? Chris will guide us through several different variations while we explore what makes a great grilled cheese. $45.00 

Tuesday, May 7th. 7-9 pm: Goat-a-palozza

Spring is here and that marks the return of what we like to call, goat cheese season.  Join us as we taste a plate of goaty delights that cross all styles of cheese, from fresh chèvre to washed rind, firm and blue. The goat possibilities are endless! $45.00

Tuesday, May 14th. 7-9pm: Cheese 101

Do you love cheese?  Do you want to know more about it? Cheese 101 is the best place to start. Sit and relax over a plate of some of our best cheeses (with a little wine to wash it down, of course) as Chris and Laura bare the basics. Let us guide you through a scrumptious tasting of fresh and bloomy cheeses, washed rind and aged, plus a variety of cow, sheep, and goat cheese, all while learning about cheese-making.  Leave with your new-found knowledge and order with confidence  the next time you're at a cheese counter. $45.00

Tuesday, May 21st. 7-9pm: Regional Focus: Springtime in Paris, The Great Cheeses of France

We all can't go to Paris in Springtime but at least we can eat the cheese!  Long ago, the French elevated cheese to an art form.  They continually elaborated, thus achieving greater diversity and providing the world with more and better cheese than any other cheese making nation.  We will taste French greats from several regions and of course wash it down with the appropriate French wine. $45.00 

Tuesday,  June 4th. 7-9pm:  Perfect Pairings: Cheese & Wine

Every so often, we find pairings of cheeses and wines that go above and beyond, complementing each other in a way that can only be described as "Marriages-Made-in-Heaven." In this class, with the help of our friends at Harry's Wine & Liquor, we will pair the perfect cheese with it's perfect wine match and discuss the basics of pairing cheese &wine. $45.00

Tuesday, June 18th. 7-9pm: Cheesemonger's Favorites

We always get asked, "what's your favorite cheese?"  Well we like to think that all our cheeses are our favorites (like our children) but cheeses do have their seasons; they also have their peak stages of ripeness. A favorite cheese should be at peak, it should have a balanced flavor profile, and the aroma and texture should be appropriate for its type. In this class Laura and Chris will each pick their favorites of the moment and we will discuss what makes a cheese great. $45.00 

To make a reservation please call 203.292.8194 or send an email to


Payment Due at Time of Reservation

Cancellation Policy: If at least 24 hours notice is given, a credit will be issued towards a future class. Any cancellations within 24 hours of class time are nonrefundable.