Momma's Boy Cook Off @ Aitoro's April 11

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With a strong culinary foundation rooted in family history and tradition, local chefs share the spotlight with the women who have inspired them. Published in Woman to Woman Magazine (W2W), “Momma’s Boys” tells the story of 5 chefs and the influence their mothers have had on their careers. Shared recipes, spirited view points, and a friendly competition in the kitchen will be revealed on Thursday, April 11, 2013 in the beautiful kitchens of Aitoro in Norwalk. Tickets can be purchased online for this unique cooking event where guests will have the privilege of meeting the women behind these talented art culinaires and sample the dishes that two-cooks-in-the-kitchen prepare their way. Tickets are $40:

“My Mom says her meatballs are better than mine, “says Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo in Norwalk, “Can you believe that? She wants to have a cook-off with me!”

Well, Mom, you asked for it! Participating families include:

Chef Pat Pascarella and his mother Gina Pascarella - who started this whole thing. From meatballs and gravy, to homemade bread and pasta, Chef Pascarella now prepares his version of the home cooking he grew up with it at his charming trattoria, Bar Sugo in Norwalk.

The Singing Chef, Venezuelan born Neil Fuentes and his Italian mother-in-law Dee DiCrosta. Dee says her son-in-law can take any dish of hers and jazz it up to where it becomes an entirely different experience. Where there is cooking…there is music.

Italian born Chef Biagio “Gino” Riccio from Quattro Pazzi (Fairfield / Stamford), Osianna (Fairfield) and BOCA (opening in Stamford April 2013), and his Greek mother-in-law Anna Giapoutzis. “Do we argue when we are in the kitchen?” laughs Gino, “We never do – but then again, I don't speak Greek!”

Chef Kausik Roy from Tawa in Stamford and his mother Shibani Roy, who originally had hopes of her son following in the family profession as a teacher, has become a huge supporter of her son’s craft and work ethic and enjoys seeing her family recipes enjoyed in her son’s restaurant. 

Chef Michael Marchetti of the popular Columbus Park Trattoria in Stamford, Applausi Osteria in Greenwich, and Tarantino Osteria in Westport, CT grew up in the family’s restaurant business working closely with his mother Marie Marchetti who is known for her handmade pasta that all of the Marchetti restaurants feature.


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