Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail Recipe via Saugatuck Grain & Grape

Jeff Marron

When the leaves on the trees in New England start to fall, my cravings for cocktails change a bit. I tend to lean towards drinks that will warm me up next to the fire. The aromatics of cinnamon and clove just seem to pair so well with the scents that come from the fireplace. To me, a

Hot Buttered Rum cocktail is the essence of New England in Winter. 

This is an easy drink to prepare. You build it in a coffee mug. There isn't any stirring or shaking or muddling.

You don't have to be an expert mixologist to make a perfect Hot Buttered Rum


You just need a dark, aged rum

. Here, I use my favorite, Ron Zacapa 23 year old. You can certainly use other brands, as Ron Zacapa can reach premium prices. Some less expensive options that work well in this drink would include El Dorado 12 year or 15 year, Angostura 5 year or 7 year, Diplomatico Anejo Rum or Blackwell Jamaican Rum. 

Hot Buttered Rum

1 ½ oz Ron Zacapa 23yr


oz Simple Syrup (equal parts water & sugar)

½ tablespoon Butter

1 Cinnamon stick

4 Cloves (to stud Lemon)

Lemon wedge

Squeeze Clove-Studded Lemon Peel in Coffee Mug

Drop lemon in and add the remaining ingredients

Top with Hot Water from a tea kettle

Serve when the butter starts to melt