PORKTOBERFEST Winners Are......

CTbites Team

The winners of the PORKTOBERFEST Giveaway have been selected by the team over at Craft Butchery. The entries for this contest were epic in their creativity and passion.

Here are the winning entries. Winners will be contacted today.   

Winner #1: Voltaire said that the pig is the most encyclopedic of animals -- meaning you could make use of his snout, tail, and everything in between. It is necessary that this assertion be tested for accuracy, and I am willing, with your help, to confirm M. Voltaire's observation.

Winner #2: There once was a man from Upstate New York.
He moved here to town for the pork.
He said with a grin, wiping bacon fat from his chin.
"Next time I'll use the fork."
Burp. Mmmm. Smokey.

Winner #3: I am 10 years old and half of my life consist of eating pig. I even had a fantasy of a band named "The Bacon Squad" and drew a picture of it. I really want to go!