The Winners of The Marcia Selden Ultimate Dinner Party Contest Are...

CTbites Team

It's time to announce the winners of Marcia Selden Ultimate Dinner Party Contest. These 3 women need to don their aprons and get ready to throw down with the help of some of the finest caterers on the East Coast. 

Here are the winning submissions and email addresses. Look for your name below!

Our third winner is a Freshman at Staples High School in Westport. We wish them all good luck on October 16th! "My ultimate dinner party was held in Palawan, an island in the Philippines that was voted world's best island by Travel and Leisure magazine this year. From our resort in El Nido, we took a private boat to a secluded island surrounded by turquoise waters framed by the setting sun. Even from afar, we saw the blazing torches, beckoning us to come closer and seek sanctuary. We were to dine under the stars!" I always host for all holiday celebrations. I am from a family of 8, everyone is married and there are 23 grandchildren on my side of the family alone! I love hosting and would not have it any other way! I make many of the dishes that my parents used to serve when they were alive and hosted the family celebrations. However, my dream dinner party would be to host my family and not have to get stuck in the kitchen cooking. author of "My ultimate dinner party is definitely going to have to include some lamb. Marinated in garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano. Then throw it on the grille for 7 minutes and get really nice grille marks and a medium rare center. So yummy and juicy."