Noel Jones Joins Copper Beach Inn in Ivoryton

CTbites Team

Highly regarded chef Noel Jones, who left ON20 in Hartford’s Polytechnic Club earlier this month, has resurfaced at Ivoryton’s historic Copper Beech Inn. Named Best Country Inn for 2009-2010 by Connecticut Magazine, the Copper Beech Inn is one of Connecticut’s premier venues for dining and lodging. It’s also one of its prettiest.

Jones says he is excited about being in partnership with the Copper Beech Inn. He will be assuming the duties of Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director. “There will be tremendous talent in the kitchen,” Jones enthuses. “This is one of the best teams I’ve ever assembled.”

Diners can count on Jones’ trademark imaginative and beautifully plated food. The talented chef likes to cook in a variety of styles. He employs classic French techniques but seeks to fuse flavors from all over the world—Asia, Latin America, even North Africa. In other words, it’s contemporary American cuisine at its very best.

Jones says he intends to raise standards for the front of the house as well. “My concerns don’t stop at the dining room door,” he says. “I intend to be involved in all aspects of hospitality at the inn. The entire customer experience is paramount.”

Jones would like to correct a couple of minor misimpressions. He is not remodeling the inn’s kitchen, merely bringing in some of the equipment that he prefers to use. And his menu will not be free of all French terminology (after all, menu, cuisine and entrée are all French terms), but it will be pitched so that customers can easily understand it.

The Copper Beech Inn is currently open, but Jones’ menu will make its debut on Wednesday, August 29th.