Comedian Mike Birbiglia Creates Station Eats Pepperoni Burger

CTbites Team
In honor of Comedian Mike Birbiglia's upcoming performance at the Palace Theater on Thursday May 3, Station Eats in Stamford has partnered with Mike to create the "Birbig Burger." No, this is no joke. Mike Birbiglia's burger was inspired by his favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza. This grass-fed burger topped with fresh mozzarella, our house-made pizza sauce and pepperoni will be available for a limited time. They'll be offering the Birbig Burger from May 1 - 3. We tested and tasted it and it is a darn good burger!

In addition to this unique, one-off burger, Palace Theater goers receive 15% off their orders if they show their tickets. This is and will be an ongoing promotion.