Valencia Luncheria Pig Roast & Art of the Cocktail Seminar Oct 24

Stephanie Webster

Valencia Luncheria, Classic & Vintage Artisinal Spirits & Harry's Wine & Liquor Market are joining forces to bring you: A Venezuelan Pig Roast on the Beach & Cocktail Seminar on Wednesday October 24th @ 7PM. Guest speaker Michael Knipp C.S.W. will give guests an in depth look at the Classic & Vintage Artisanal Spirits Portfolio and the Art of the Cocktail. This unique event is $65 per person, all-inclusive, and includes a spectacular lineup of Tapas, Cocktails, Pig, tasty sides and dessert. Find out what makes a "Buzzing Black Buck" or an "Afternoon in Milano" perfect pairings for this beach side evening, and learn how to make them. You can check out the full menu below. This is one not to miss.  

Beach Side Pig Roast, Tapas, & Cocktail Menu


Passed Tapas

Cocktail: Afternoon in Milano (comes to Venezuela!)

Primaterra Prosecco | Dimmi Liqueur | Lemon


Passed Tapas

Cocktail: Avant

G'Vine Floraison Gin | L'Espirit de June Liqueur | Grapes | Basil | Lemon |Tonic

Pig Roast on the Beach

An authentic Venezuelan Pig Roast on Valencia's own beach patio

Chopped Salad | Authentic Rice & Beans

Plantains | Tostones |Avacado | Viagaron | Chiotle Green Beans

Cocktail: Grapefruit-Scented Margherita

Excellia Blanco | Grapefruit | Agave | Grapefruit Bitters

Cocktail: The Gold Coast

Mae de Ouro Cachaca | Lime | Ginger | Cuccumber | Jalapeno


Venezuelan Chocolate Bread Pudding and Tres Leches

Cocktail: Buzzing Black Buck

Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum | Varnelli Cafe Moka | Coffee


For reservations please contact:

Valencia Luncheria

164 Main St. Norwalk
Phone:  (203) 846-8009 


For spirits info please contact:

Harry's Wine & Liquor Market

2094 Post Road, Fairfield

Phone:  (203) 259-4692