Chef Talk: Lolita Cocina's Blanco Sangria

Amy Kundrat


The Blanco Sangria is a take on the classic red sangria with citrus and brandy.

From Lolita: "We start with white wine and build up all the flavors we imagined would be present in the ‘perfect white sangria’. A little vanilla from vanilla vodka, a nice floral- honeyed component from Lillet Blanc and a touch of citrus from Citronage – a bracing orange liqueur. To play up our summertime ideal, we add ripe peaches, lychees, pineapple and grapes. Over ice, it makes you forget you are in CT, but rather on the Mexican Riviera, feet in the sand." 

Lolita Cocina's Blanco Sangria

Serves 1


8 oz chilled white wine
2 oz Absolut Vanilia
2 oz Lillet Blanc
1 oz Citronage
1 oz bar syrup
1 oz fresh squeezed lime
Splash lychee juice


Combine all the above in a pitcher filled with ice. Stir in 1 ripe sliced peach or nectarine along with several fresh pineapple slices and a handful of halved red grapes and lychees.

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