The Flaxette Debuts @ The Dressing Room

Stephanie Webster

Last spring we reported on a new local artisan bread baker, Fairfield Bread Company. Their wonderful Flaxette is made with organic flax and whole wheat, using slow, old-world methods. The result...a hearty loaf with a delightful caramelized crust and a tender chewy crumb.

This small-batch artisan bread is making its restaurant debut at The Dressing Room on their new lunch menu with four new sandwich offerings including: DR Steak and cheese with grass-fed beef and Nobel cheddar sauce, Pulled pork with root vegetable BBQ sauce,  and a Roasted organic vegetable sandwich- all on the Flaxette. Executive Chef, Jon Vaast, describes his excitement about this menu addition: 

"The Flaxette for sandwiches is really something else, it grills great, and holds up to the different sandwiches we are doing right now. It's just a really great hearty loaf of bread which is what makes a great sandwich."

We haven't sampled the sandwiches yet, but we hear they are worth a trip. If anyone gets there before we do, let us know what you think. Fairfield Bread Company also recently took home a 1st Place award from CT Specialty Food Association in their 2011 Product Awards Competition.