Ola Granola: Fairfield County Mom Creates Super Snack

Camilla Klein

Ola Granola has been available in grocery stores from Maine to New Jersey for almost two and a half years, and it has already made a big splash with the crunchy crowd. And it was developed right here in Fairfield County. 

 “It always tastes really fresh and natural” says Stamford mom, Elise Klein, “I even keep it in the refrigerator!”

And that is what most people like about Ola. “It’s made from the kinds of things you would find in your pantry like cinnamon and maple syrup. The flavors are all natural,” says Dina Houser, Fairfield county mom and the founder of the brand.

Inspired by her mother’s recipe, Dina has been making granola for years – both for her family and as gifts – and, coming from a marketing background, had for years planned to brand the cereal and get it on the shelves at grocery stores. After telling one grateful recipient her granola vision, the response was “Well, then why haven’t you done it yet?” and thus Ola was born. And people can’t seem to get enough of it.

“People like to eat Ola in different ways. They’re putting it on their salads, eating it with cheese and using it in stuffing,” she adds.

I try mine the usual way, with yogurt and raspberries. I like it a lot. The best thing about it is that it’s not overly sweet, so I don’t get that WHOOOOOSH-there-goes-my-blood-sugar-plummeting feeling at 11am.

“Lots of people are also eating it as a snack,” says Dina.

In fact, there has been so much granola snacking going on that Ola will be available in convenient snack-sized bags – a healthy treat to toss into your kids’ backpack for school. And for those with epi-pens and nut-free classrooms, Ola is bringing out a nut-free granola too.

Ola can be found at these convenient CT locations.