White Truffles Dinner w/ Chef Matt Storch of Match

CTbites Team

Can you picture yourself in Alba running through the woods chasing down the dog that has sniffed out your White Truffle gold, and then shaving them over rich and buttery pasta or eggs or roasted meat and fish while sipping juices from the Nebbiolo grape? Then this exclusive culinary experience is for you. 

Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant in SoNo has only 2 seats left for an exclusive private class and dinner featuring the elusive and divine White Truffle this Wednesday November 30th 6-8pm. Yes...every dish in this evening's 10 course menu will prominently spotlight white truffles.

Matt Storch will teach you about the golden fungus, what to pair it with and, of course, give you the opportunity to eat as much as you possibly can of it.  Today's White Truffle market price is $3425 per pound and you will enjoy at least 10 courses of White Truffle heaven!

Just to make you hungry, how do these sound?

  • Soft poached egg running into a pool of parmesan crema covered with shavings of white truffle
  • Chestnut Raviolini tossed in brown butter burro fusso blanketed with white gold from Alba 
  • Soufflé with blood orange caramel & salt 

Seats for this exclusive dinner are $350. The class is almost full, so contact Clarke Culinary Center and register online.