Ad: Order Turkey = Raise $$ for Wakeman Farm

CTbites Team

Graze is opening up ordering on our delicious, fresh (never frozen) Misty Knoll Farm free-range turkeys to supporters of the Wakeman Town Farm in Westport.

The turkeys are $4.50 a pound. There are 100 available. First-come, first-served. Ten percent of the proceeds of the sale of these turkeys (and anything on our Thanksgiving Menu) is going to support Westport's Wakeman Town Farm. When you order, please use the code WAKEMANTURKEY so we can apply the promotion to the farm.

Please request approximate number of pounds and Graze will deliver your turkey fresh (not frozen) to the farm for Thanksgiving. Misty Knoll will provide a turkey as close in weight to your request as possible, within a small range. A good rule of thumb is 1.5 lbs. per person (this allows for leftovers; 1lb/person without leftovers). 

Pickup is at Wakeman Town Farm, 134 Cross Highway, Westport on Monday, Nov. 21 from 2-6 p.m.

Email us @ or call 1-888-WE GRAZE to reserve. Or, place your entire Thanksgiving order online at Graze

Misty Knoll Farm Fresh Whole Turkey 

Misty Knoll Farm raises succulent, flavorful, all natural, free-roaming turkeys out in the fresh air and terroir of Vermont pastures! There are no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides used to raise these happy birds. These birds are fresh, not frozen.

Misty Knoll Farms' free-range turkeys are raised on the farm's lush Vermont meadows, where they are afforded a natural, stress-free environment, a wholesome, all-natural diet and plenty of access to lush pasture, sunshine and fresh water. Deliciously moist and flavorful, these turkeys are regarded by award-winning chefs and discerning home cooks as the freshest, tastiest poultry available. The centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, this turkey is the best