Pumpkin Recipe Contest @ The Ridgefield Marketplace

Amy Kundrat

Do you have a killer pumpkin recipe? If so, this Ridgefield Marketplace contest is for you.

The Marketplace Great Pumpkin Sweet or Soup Recipe Contest 2011 is accepting recipe entries now through October 10. Submit your recipe and if your recipe is chosen as a finalist, you will compete during "The Fall in Love with Ridgefield Weekend" on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at The Marketplace in Copps Hill located at 109 Danbury Road in Ridgefield, CT.

Winners don't just get bragging rights but will receive gift certificates they redeem at Marketplace businesses including: Ridgefield Organics, 109 Cheese & Wine, Southwest Café, The Cakebox, Cello Restaurant, Ross Bread, Tre Restaurant, The Cutting Board, Ink Stationary, Bise, Everywoman's Spirit, and Quilters Alley. 1st Place Winner gets a $150 Market Place Gift Certificate, 2nd Place receives a $50 Market Place Gift Certificate and Peoples Choice gets a $100 Market Place Gift Certificate.

The Marketplace at Copps Hill Plaza in Ridgefield is located at 109 Danbury Road in Ridgefield. For questions, please contact: Monica at 203.438.5757.

Entry Rules 

1. The Soup or Sweet Recipe must be original and specify the use of fresh or canned pumpkin. The recipe contest encourages the use of pumpkin as a key ingredient; and fresh ingredients where appropriate. There will be a separate Professional entry for those participating that are professional Chefs, cooks, food stylists and other food specialists
2. Contestants may submit one entry per category (either soup or sweet). Each entry must be submitted to cathy@ridgefieldapartments.com or mailed see address below in a recipe format. Recipe format lists ingredients in order of use with amount/quantity, followed by the step-by-step method of preparation.
3. All entries must be received no later than October 10, 2011. Entries can be received via postal mail or e-mail (the contact information is listed on the official entry form). By entering the contest, all participants consent to the commercial use of their name, picture, likeness and recipe for advertising and publicity purposes without further compensation.
4. A team of judges will consider qualifying entries. They will select 5 finalists for each category in the non professional and 5 in the professional. Notification and details of finalist participation will be made by October 5, 2011. A certification of recipe originality will be required from each finalist. Finalists must participate personally in the on site recipe contest to be eligible for prizes.
5. On October 15, 2011, at 12:45pm the completed dishes will be brought to the Marketplace in Copps Hill to be judged by a panel of three to five local chefs, celebrities and/or food experts. 25 small servings will be needed to include tasting for the audience to vote on the people’s choice.
6. Final selected entry must be submitted ready at 12:45 and to serve between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm on October 15, 2011 for the People’s Choice Winner.
7. Final judging of the select 5 finalists for each category will take place at the festival promptly at 3:00pm with the People’s Choice voting closing at 2:30pm. Selection of the judges is at the sole discretion of the Market Place Pumpkin Fare Committee.
8. Entry must serve at least 25 small servings.
9. Finalists must provide the ingredients necessary for their recipes to produce their final entry.
10. There are no heating or cooling facilities at the CSD GIANT Pumpkin Festival of Elk Grove. Power can be supplied for keeping soup hot.
11. The basis for judging will be, flavor, texture, creativity, appearance and the use of pumpkin. The decision of the judging panel is final and binding. There will also be a People’s choice award.
12. Winners will be announced in The Market Place Pumpkin Tent at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday , October 15, 2011.
13. Prizes are offered only to those finalists, who participate in the final judging on October 16, 2011. Prizes will be awarded to first and second place winners and the People’s Choice award. First prize for each category Dessert and Soup: $150 Gift Basket from The Market Place and Trophy. Second Prize for each category Dessert and Soup: $50 Gift Basket from The Market Place and the Second Place Ribbon. The People’s Choice Overall award will be $100 Market Place Gift Basket. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners. The Professional category winner will be awarded The Giant Pumpkin and have bragging rights as the best Pumpkin Recipe Winner.

14. Winning recipes will be published online at hamlethub.com
15. Entries may be submitted two ways: Email: cathy@ridgefieldapartments.com or Mail: ATTN: Pumpkin Recipe Contest, Ridgefield Apartments, 109 Danbury Road, Ridgefield CT 06877