Openings: Grass Fed Organic Burgers @The Filling Station

Stephanie Webster

It seems these days that burgers and fries are all the rage. Burger joints like Five Guys, BSF, and Flipside have cropped up all around Fairfield County and have been greeted with long lines of hungry comfort food seekers. In this classic American tradition, the retro-modern Filling Station Company is due to enter the scene in the next few weeks. Another burger joint you ask? Not exactly. Sure, the prices are right, and the milkshakes will be flowing, but The Filling Station will be offering our community a $4 burger made with locally raised organic beef, $3 nitrate free dogs, and antibiotic and hormone-free shakes. Their commitment to serving local and organic fare will make many customers smile (I'm smiling right now), and if the food is as good as the tasting I experienced last Spring, New Canaan may have themselves a winner.

The menu is simple. Burgers come in veggie (actually falafel) or grass fed beef. Hot dogs can be ordered up in the beef, chicken, or veggie variety, and let's not forget the Sloppy Joes. If you haven't had one of these since your High School lunchroom, these should be worth another try. Toppings include chili, crunchy fried onions, cajun seasoning, blue cheese sauce, and sauerkraut to name a few. Fries? Of course...regular, cheese fries, and chili cheese. Oh....and did I mention they serve Pabst Blue Ribbon by the bottle? 

The Filling Station will have about 20 seats, so be prepared to take your food to go if you can't grab a table. If you happen to be in New Canaan, keep an eye on their front door at 19 South Avenue. We don't know when they are going to turn on those grills, but we hope it's soon.