CTbites Seeking Ad Sales Team Member

Stephanie Webster

CTbites is seeking a foodie with an advertising habit. 

We’re looking for a part-time sales person to join the CTbites team. In this job, you'll be working closely with local advertisers and businesses.

The right person is self-motivated and independent with advertising experience, who is interested in helping us grow the CTbites business. The ideal candidate(s) lives in Fairfield County, is plugged into the local communities we are covering, and knows and understands best practices in online advertising. 

Job Duties:

This is a part-time, commission-based position. You will be responsible for advertising sales to businesses in our local market, Fairfield County. Our advertising inventory includes: banner ads, weekly newsletter, columns, as well as sponsorships for local events we host.

Please Contact Us if interested in joining team CTbites.