Reheated: This Week's Top Food News [weekend edition]

Amy Kundrat

Reheated is a twice-weekly round-up of bite-sized food news in Connecticut and beyond. 

In Connecticut...

Today, Friday, Oct 22, Stew Leonards will be hosting SIP & TWIT a wine tasting combining traditional tastings with social media at 3 Stew Leonard’s Wines locations. Info

The 3rd Annual Stamford Charity Chili Cook-off will be held on Saturday, Oct 23 to benefit the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Info

Chamard Vineyards to host a Halloween this Saturday, Oct 23 with Chamard wine, beer and the Caseus cheese truck. Dining

Don't miss our next CTbites lunch @ Sugar & Olives in Norwalk Oct 26. Info CTbites.

Fairway comes to Stamford, officially opening Nov 3.

...and beyond.

Trick or treating. Why are Halloween and candy BFF? Via

4 deaths are linked to bacteria found in celery at a food processing plant in Texas. Via

Sure, you've heard of BYOB, but BYOR, "Bring Your Own Restaurant?" The town of Holyoke, MA believes the key to city revitalization may lie in a shared meal with your neighbors. Via

Is your restaurant host a creeper? Hosts at NYC hot spot google guests before they arrive, with a creepy food outcome. How far will a restaurant go to divine your tastes? Via

"The chances of a child developing food allergies may be increased if that child is conceived in the early spring, a preliminary study by Finnish researchers suggests." U.S. News & World Report