Suckerborne Suckers...This Ain't Your Ordinary Lolli

Sarah Green

Photo c/o Suckerborne

THESE SUCK!!! and they say there’s a SUCKERBORNE every day. Turns out, it's true. Read on....

Finally, a sophisticated and spectacular lollipop designed for adult palettes. Using nothing but sugar, a stick, and some outrageously decadent yet all natural ingredients, Darien resident Megan Ferrell has entered the candy market with chic and style. These lollipops have the power to transcend. For every day a sucker is born, there is a Suckerborne:

Monday- you are in your mini van on one of the endless schelpps from one soccer game to another ballet class. Where do you want to be? Under a blanket with your lover, real or imaginary, watching the waves pound the Vineyard shore.  It seems a long way from reality to fantasy. But there is hope. One lick of Suckerborne’s “Dark and Stormy” and you’re there! From the first taste, the ginger beer nips at your tongue. Then, quietly, the dark and moody Premium Black Seal Rum comes from behind to bathe your mouth in a delicate splash of fire. Monday is boring. “Dark and Stormy” is inspiring! 

Tuesday- the first day of the week has passed and your routine is in full swing. Whether you’re at work in an office, schmoosing a client, transplanting a kidney or transporting a kid, take a break from it all fly to the Keys. Save your frequent flier miles - just experience "Key Lime." It’s minty, no doubt about it. But the undertones of white rum and soft, mellow key lime take you straight from the stress of the city to the palm trees and beach chairs of your fancy.

Wednesday-the week is ½ way over and you begin to dream. You daydream, you dream of the weekend, and perhaps you dream of your childhood. There’s a pop for that! Suckerborne’s "Orange Dream" is the perfect combination of rich vanilla and tangy citrus. It brings the days of the always about to melt, super creamy dream-sickle, straight from the ice cream man’s truck, directly to your taste buds...without the mess! The Orange Dream takes you there. Have a taste, you will smile.

Photo c/o SuckerborneThursday- by now, you’re pretty much done with the weekly routine. You’ve had it with commuting or you’ve had it with you employees and your employers, (often your children!) and it’s time for a drink. Alas, you are still in that minivan and it’s not worth the risk of a ticket, let alone an accident. No fear, the "Lemon Vodka MeanyTini" is here! Unwrap the plastic, and take a sip! Laced with lemony vodka and lemon zest, this adult delight is shaken, not stirred. And don’t worry, the alcohol is cooked out during the cooking process. Never fear, officer!

Friday- finally. One more day and your weekend is here. And with Suckerborne’s “Snowflake Mint” (on right) the stresses of the week melt away like a snowflake on your tongue. The refreshing mint is tame, never overpowering, because the white rum is blended with Tahitian vanilla coating your taste buds in a smooth, rich blanket of yum!

Saturday-You wake up late. The sheets are warm with sleep and the sun is high in the sky. That delicious smell of bacon and maple syrup wafts past your nostrils. Your eyes are still closed and the scent wafts past again. And again. As you open your eyes, one of your children is waving bacon and maple syrup under your nose. Yet, no mess! And there it is, in all its glory. A lollipop made with pure Vermont Maple Syrup and flecks of delectable bacon. “Brown Sugar, Maple, Bacon” (seen in top photo) - ridiculous, yet sublime.

Sunday- a day of rest? Never! This is your chance to act! Run, don’t walk, to your computer and order your Suckerborne suckers at They are available by flavor or in assortment combos and range in price from $4 to $20, depending on how many you “need.” And if your computer is down, don’t give up! These lollipops are also available in Fairfield County at The Silvermine Market in New Canaan (1032 Silvermine Road, New Canaan, CT, 06840.) I wouldn’t buy in bulk as the super fresh ingredients won’t tolerate months on a shelf. Unless, of course, you’re having a party. What an original, scrumptious, grown-up party favor! Whether you add it to a birthday party gift bag, place some next to the cocktails at your next soiree,  or simply arrange a group of them in a small vase on the center of your table, these lollipops are the smell and taste of sweet success. 

(Want to carry Suckerborne’s in your store? Go to and they will tell you how to get started.)