Gourmet Comfort Food @ Burger Bar and Bistro

Stephanie Webster

This post on Burger Bar and Bistro ran as our first review in June 09. We've received several recent requests for a write up on this  burger-licious venue, so we decided to re-run it in case you missed it the first time around.  Since June, they have done a huge renovation with additional seating and an expanded bar. They have also added thin crust pizza to their repertoire to round out their perfect pre-movie menu. Seriously folks...it's a darn good burger. Read on...

Looking for a good pre-theater eating spot, we decided to try the reputed master of comfort food, Burger Bar and Bistro in South Norwalk. We were a large group, including six children, so we opted for the spacious outdoor seating. We grabbed the menus from buckets placed mid table, and I watched as my husband and every child old enough to read grinned with delight.

The menu is a burger lovers dream...organic hamburgers boast toppings like cilantro pesto, guacamole, goat cheese, smoked bacon, and truffle essence, while the hot dog lover can enjoy a free range frank, turkey, or corn dog. An extra $7 will upgrade you to a Kobe burger, and the beer menu had a nice variety of hoppy, domestic and Belgian choices along with the classic Pabst Blue Ribbon.

We opted for the Disco Fries to start, with warm Brie and white truffle oil. They were thin and salty, and the sweet potato fries were no slouch either. My husband’s irresponsibly delicious burger arrived in all it’s decadent beauty with a fried egg, spicy Mexican ketchup, bacon, and fries. By this I mean fries between the buns, not on the side, and did I mention the height? The bread was white, fluffy, and tasted freshly baked.

One of our friends was starting the South Beach diet, so he ordered a Cobb Salad that came with perfectly grilled chicken and a light creamy dressing. Not being a huge beef fan, I ordered the vegetarian burger, and while I’ve had many a mediocre veggie burger, this one has a wonderful crisp exterior with whole pieces of edamame and peas in a moist, pleasing patty. I could have eaten two of them.

All of the kids' items come in crowd pleasing white boxes jammed with French fries, and the homemade Mac and Cheese was available with peas and ham. My eight year old gave it two thumbs up. The squeeze bottle condiments added to the kitsch, as well as the Connect Four games handed out to occupy the group while we waited for our food. And we DID wait for our food. The service was leisurely, but definitely worth the wait. 

Burger Bar and Bistro 58 North Main Street, South Norwalk, 203-853-2037

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