And the Dirtiest Napkin Goes To...Winners For The Hartford Rib Off

Kristin L. Wolfe

We are a little late in reporting the results of the Hartford Rib Off, but better late than never. It’s no secret that barbecue was really “invented” as permission to get dirty whilst eating. And the moistest, messiest, smokiest bbq around is usually what keeps us enthusiasts dreaming at night. Well, it’s time to find out what happened at the 10th Annual Hartford Rib Off last month and therefore, add to our list of bbq-tastic visits for the rest of the summer.

It was Father’s Day weekend and over 2,000 folks came out for serious sun and chow. And, if a gorgeous summer day, great food, the spirit of competition isn’t enough, support for local charities was the cherry on top of a successful weekend event.

Barbecue, unlimited drinks, raising money oh my. Hall’s Market of West Hartford supplied 4,000 pounds of meat for the two-day event. Attendees enjoyed samples from 20 different breweries, craft cocktails from Tito’s, barbeque from over 30 Pit teams, food trucks and live music from Hartford’s own Professors of Sweet Sweet Music. 

First, teams competed in the New England Barbeque Society (NEBS) Steak and Wing


Best Steak

1st Place: Hokie Pokie Q

2nd Place: Twinning BBQ

3rd Place: Winner Wile E. BBQ, 

Chicken Wings

1st Place: Charter Smoke

2nd Place: Big Betty BBQ,

3rd Place: Hog Tied BBQ

The Grand Champion Winner: Big Betty BBQ

Reserve Champ: Charter Smoke

People’s Choice: Hog Tied BBQ.

Then there was the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS). Competitors were judged on taste, texture and temperature.


1st Place: Paddy McQ’s BBQ

2nd Place: Big Raz BBQ

3rd Place: FATED BBQ


1st Place: Paddy McQ’s BBQ

2nd Place: Grand Smoke Railroad BBQ

3rd Place: Big Raz BBQ


1st Place: FATED BBQ

2nd Place: Paddy McQ’s BBQ

3rd Place: Rhode Hog BBQ


1st Place: Big Raz BBQ

2nd Place: FATED BBQ

3rd Place: Twinning BBQ

People’s Choice Award for Pulled Pork was given to  Hog Tied BBQ.

Reserve Champion Big Raz BBQ had the highest marks of

2019 KCBS Grand Champion Trophy Paddy McQ’s 

The Hartford Rib Off, founded by Guy Neumann, is a family friendly event that not only offers incredible food and music, but hosts community-building events to raise awareness for local organizations. This year 100% of the proceeds from the Hartford Rib Off festival are donated to three charities. This year’s beneficiaries included: MARC Community Resources LTD, Mayor Mike’s Foundation for Kids, and The Hartford Rib Off Scholarship Fund. This year’s festival was supported by community partners:  102.9 The Whale, Radio 104.1, Miller Lite, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and GN Construction LLC. 

Keep your napkins ready and eyes peeled for tasty event information at