Garden Catering Debuts Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Andrew Dominick

There’s no doubt that Garden Catering’s chicken nuggets—with cones—are the star of their show. GC’s fans are guilty of copping and crushing “The Special,” many times over. If you’ve ever deviated from their legendary nuggs, chances are you cheated with a Nugget Wrap or the Hotsy, both are arguably the runners up to the nuggets. 

Well, things are changing!

Oh, don’t worry, those two sandwiches are staying, but two new ones are making their grand entrance on Garden Catering’s menu…Fried chicken sandwiches. 

We all knew this day would come; it was just a matter of when.


We first found out about the new additions via a blurry, social media teaser photo, followed up by the ultimate reveal of each sandwich. 

The first, is a classic crispy chicken with lettuce, pickles, and honey mustard on a Martin’s Potato Roll. It’s dubbed the “OG,” as a tribute to their Old Greenwich location where their nugget fandom was born. Basically, the sandwich is a giant nugget. A thick chicken breast is dredged and fried the same way as the nuggs, and it’s simply topped with a bunch of B&B pickles, lettuce, and their homemade honey mustard. I sprinkled it with some of GC’s seasoning, which put this beast of a sandwich over the top. 


But some like it hot! At least a little bit, anyway. That’s where the Nashville hot chicken sandwich comes in. It’s fried, then doused in Nashville hot sauce, topped with pickles, and creamy coleslaw. Of the two, this was my favorite sandwich. It remained crispy even after the saucing, so, points for that. Some might want it spicier, but I get why they wouldn’t take it to true Nashville hot extremes. None of us want to have to chug milk to tame the fire. With this sandwich, because it’s not devilishly hot, you can still taste the components.  

Both sandwiches are available to Garden Catering’s Loyalty Members now and will launch to the rest of us commoners on May 1. 

For now, these fried chicken blessings will run through this summer at all Connecticut locations, but based on sales and customer feedback, Garden Catering may keep them around permanently or switch up the recipe. 

Get on it, fried chicken fanatics, and maybe this time, get your nuggets on the side.