Mecha & Mézon Launch Eat Justice Food Truck

Stephanie Webster

Mecha Noodle Bar & Mézon owners, Tony Pham and Richard Reyes, are excited to announce the launch of their new food truck, Eat Justice. The truck will open its window to the public on Friday, June 15th, at Holbrook Farm in Bethel.

The Eat Justice food truck rolls into the CT food scene with some pre-existing street cred, and we're not just talking about our beloved noodle slurping shop founders. Beneath the new pink origami pig exterior resides the bones of the EGGZ food truck, purchased from Matt Stanczak (founder of Eggz and Stanziato's Pizza). Lucky us, the truck will continue to feature EGGZ' killer breakfast sandwiches, but Pham and Reyes will expand the menu to include "Daily Inspirations" ranging from Banh Mi to a classic Cubano. Bonus... you don't need to hunt down the Eat Justice truck. It will reside at Holbrook Farm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 am-1 pm like clockwork. This is a great reason to head to Bethel. 

The truck's permanent location at Holbrook Farm is not a happy accident. Pham says, "The farm element is hugely important …and there is a mutually beneficially relationship with Holbrook."  In fact, Eat Justice's mission is to support the local community and the farmers that work hard to provide for chefs and diners. Inspired by the relationship that Shake Shack had when it opened a hot dog shack to support NYC's Manhattan Square Park Conservancy, Eat Justice will drive traffic to Holbrook, and will source locally for all of their ingredients. 

Who will be behind the grill at Eat Justice?  Pham and Reyes are thrilled to have hired sous chef Steven Tisdale to man the truck. Tisdale is originally from South Carolina, but has recently cooked in the kitchens of The Schoolhouse, Note Kitchen in Bethel, and Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield. He is also an avid forager, which plays well with Eat Justice as Pham describes the focus of the menu as “outdoorsy…inspired by nature…and cooking outside.” Menus will rotate weekly and be inspired by seasonal ingredients and local farms, but guests are likely to find Asian and Latin American undertone in many dishes. Opening weekend will feature the Middle Eastern favorite, Shakshuka. There will also be a rotating lineup of guest chefs on the truck. 

And what about that origami pig logo? ”We considered what would signify food around the world. Pork is king…everywhere. We knew we wanted some type of pig to represent Eat Justice. Plus, origami is ever changing, you can reshape it, never stays still…it speaks to the diversity and ever changing menu we hope to create." To do "justice" to the pig, they are the happy owners of a brand new Caja China Pig Roasting Box, so expect some tasty salads with pork skin, and other piggy treats.  


In terms of catering, Eat Justice will also be available for private catering. Mecha & Mezon will each have their catering menus. The truck is a great opportunity for the chefs from Mecha and Mézon to get out of the kitchen, be outdoors, and play around with new dishes.  

The web site is still under construction, but you will be able to find it here:

Stay tuned for a full food review once they have gotten the truck launched. We can't wait!

Eat Justice Food Truck can be found @ Holbrook Farm in Bethel every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am-1pm