Lord & Taylor in Stamford Creates Food Truck Destination

Hey Stamford!

Hey Stamford! shares a new Food Truck destination in Stamford at Lord & Taylor's!

While the rest of Stamford is trying to figure out how to make the whole food truck thing work,  Lord & Taylor (yes, the retail giant) is taking a step in another direction,  by turning their parking lot into the ultimate food truck destination.

It started back in March with just a couple of trucks,  but has quickly gained steam over the last few weeks.  Jack Baker, a spokesman for Lord & Taylor, tells us that the end goal will be to have a mix of 4 or 5 food trucks at a time during lunch & dinner, creating a consistent food truck destination for our area.

Baker tells us, “By curating a mix of trucks, our hope is that customers with different tastes can come and select a range of items based on their needs.”   So far, some consistent names we’ve seen include Hey Stamford friends such as:

  • Dough Girls Pizza Truck
  • Gotta Go Greek Food Truck
  • HAPA
  • MOC Eatery
  • Pito Sofrito
  • Walter’s Hot Dog Truck

To prove how committed the team at Lord & Taylor is,  they’ve even added a seating area for diners to enjoy  meals! The trucks are  to be located in the Southside parking lot of Lord & Taylor, which is closest to the Men’s section of the store.  Baker shares with us that the cross-over of customers so far has been great.  The dedication that he’s seen from the food truck community’s customer base has been impressive.

The Lord & Taylor Food Truck Park is open daily for lunch from 11:30am – 2:00pm and  then 4:00pm – 8:00pm for dinner.   You can just show up to see who is there or keep tabs through their dedicated instagram page @LTFoodTrucks

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