CT Sweet Spots For Hot Chocolate That Will Warm You Up via CT Magazine

Kristin L. Wolfe

You may recognize this byline from CTbites, but this sweet reporting by Kristin L. Wolfe rounds up a list of the best spots in CT for Hot Chocolate, via Connecticut Magazine.

When the temperature drops and you’ve reached your quota for coffee or tea for the day, hot chocolate may just be your answer. And, although it won’t remove the stresses from your life, it will warm the belly and light up the kid within. 

I recently satisfied my sweet tooth at many spots around the state that are pretty proud of their hot (and cold) chocolate delights. After you’ve read through the rundown, be sure to chime in with any other places that offer delectable, drinkable chocolate creations.

Rumors Coffeehouse

Although coffee courses throughout this cozy nook, where you can play Scrabble, grab a quirky mug, and cuddle up on a couch, you’d be surprised by the hot chocolate offerings. Their Mexican hot cocoa surprises with a spicy zing, while the tropical hints from the coconut hot cocoa remind you of summer despite the chill outside. The Campfire is an especially fun treat in which the marshmallows on top are torched to a perfect bonfire char. 22 Mill Plain Road, Danbury, 203-942-2653, facebook.com/rumorsofdanbury

Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates & Cakes by Aarti

Get ready for the Rolls-Royce of chocolate. In every way you can imagine, your senses will reach their peak at this gorgeous sweet boutique. With sleek red cases and black-and-white, polka-dotted packaging, this shop tucked away in a plaza is a tiny amusement park for chocolate fans. Le Rouge’s hot chocolate treats are not for the faint of heart. From a rich, dark blend topped with a piece of their signature polka-dotted chocolate that melts into the drink, to a white chocolate with dried raspberries or rose petals — yes, rose petals — these drinks are fancy and an experience. Chocolatier and owner Aarti Khosla even offers white chocolate with saffron and pistachios. 190 Main St., Westport, 203-293-6106, lerougebyaarti.com

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