16 Places For Great Holiday Pies in CT (2018 Edition)

April Guilbault

Holiday season is heeeere, with its feasts and parties, and let’s be honest, you can’t really have too much pie, now can you? Note: with the brief exception of a kooky aunt who, after a post-Thanksgiving bout on the tread mill, did wearily proclaim “Too....Much....Pie!” but that’s another story for another time. So where to go for the best pies with the flakiest crusts, sweetest streusel toppings and the most flavorful fillings? We’ll be happy to tell you. Get those dessert plates ready and, um...you might want to loosen that belt.

Here are 16 places to buy great holiday pies in CT.

The American Pie Company

29 Route 37 Center, Sherman


23 years of making and baking. Just give them a call and pick up your order when you want...maybe an Apple Crumb pie, Almond Horn cookies, Peach Raspberry, Harvest Fruit Pie (with apples, cherries, raspberries and blueberries) or a classic fruity Mince? Nothing says American Thanksgiving like a good ol’ slice of pie....

Aux Delices

Greenwich, Darien, Westport


From Greenwich to Westport, choose one of four locations and get your Thanksgiving on! You can order a whole meal or just zone-in on mouth-watering sweets....Caramelized Apple Cheesecake Pie, Chocolate Turkey Cake (classic chocolate decorated as a turkey), Classic pumpkin, Gluten-free Apple Pie and Pecan, too, of course!

Beardsley’s Orchards

278 Leavenworth Rd.,Shelton


Baked on site with warm, homey smells drawing you into their bakery, Beardsley’s is farm fresh-even for their baked goods! They offer fresh or frozen pies (stock up!) such as Apple Cranberry, Fruit-n-Berries, Sugar-free Apple, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream (and more) in addition to cider donuts and seasonal tea breads. Bring the country to your table.

Billy’s Bakery

1885 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield


Serving all manner of cookies, scones and breads, Billy’s also adds to your holiday table with desserts such as their Pumpkin Tart, Apple Lattice Tart, Cherry Apple Tart, and Chocolate Pecan Tart, to name a few. Or try their “Cutie Pies”, which serve 1-2...how cute would those be on the kids’ table? 

Bishops Orchards

1355 Boston Post Rd., Guilford

5 different cream pies, 6 no-sugar added pie varieties, and 18 (count ‘em!) classic pies from Peachberry, Fruits of the Farm and Caramel Apple and beyond (almost to infinity). The only hard part will be deciding which to take home and dive into to. Get your forks ready.


B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill

129 N Stonington Rd, Mystic

Visit the oldest steam-powered cider mill in the U.S., family owned and operated since 1881. While you’re there, pick up some of their great apple pies, cider, hard cider, and delicious apple cider doughnuts.


Granny’s Pie Factory

103 School Street, East Hartford

In their own words, Granny’s Pie Factory started in 2006 “because we knew that traditions could be centered around a family table and special food; and because we wanted our pies to start new family traditions while still honoring the old.” Every pie is crafted with love and they feature over 24 pies on the menu, including fruit pies and cream pies. They are all drool-worthy.

Granny’s Pie Factory


125 Bedford St., Stamford

With Spanish flair, what began with churros and cortados has now bloomed into a diverse business. Offering desserts like Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie, Salted Honey Custard with Pine Nuts and Cranberry Sage Apple Pie, Lorca will satisfy all tastes.


LuAnne’s Bakery & Cafe

LuAnne’s moved from their home based operation (after 37 years!) to their new location on Rt 83 in Ellington, just North of Kloter Farms. This is a true family run business, and their pies are made with the season's freshest ingredients and encased in flaky homemade crust. Selections include: Pecan, Apple, Triple Berry Crumb, Strawberry Rhubarb, Heritage Swiss Raspberry Pie +


Michele’s Pies

666 Main Ave., Norwalk


National Pie Champion 27 times over and now you and your guests get to enjoy the rewards of competition. Try Caramel Apple Crumb, Butterscotch Pecan, Maple Pumpkin with Pecan Streusel and Macadamia Coconut Crumb-and there are many more to choose from on Michele’s extensive list. Yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that Michele likes to bake pies.

Mothership Bakery and Cafe

44 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury

Located in a corporate building, this bakery and breakfast and lunch spot aint easy to find, but is is one of Danbury’s best-kept secrets. Their excellent pie menu includes a killer pecan bourbon sweet potato pie, apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, and the best…wait for it…a mash up of any toe pies layered in the same shell. Pre-order your Thanksgiving pies on the web site.


Oronoque Farms

188 Leavenworth Rd., Shelton


It’s first-come, first-served in the bakery at Oronoque Farms. And you thought football was the contact sport on this holiday. Check their website for store hours so you can have a crack at the desserts, like Chocolate Pecan Pie, Apple crumb Sheet cake (for those big Thanksgiving crowds), and Classic Pecan and Pumpkin Pie for the traditionalists. Score!

Sono Baking Co.

Westport, Norwalk, Darien


With four locations now, it’s nothing but easy to snag a SoNo dessert for your holiday table. You will enjoy this season’s creations such as pies (apple crumb, cranberry pear, pumpkin, pecan...), tea loaves (zucchini cranberry, pumpkin cream cheese, banana chocolate chip), cakes (carrot, flourless chocolate, cheesecakes...), fruit and chocolate tarts and don’t forget hearty, crusty breads and golden, fluffy dinner rolls! Phew! Who needs turkey? Contact for ordering schedule. 

Sport Hill Farm

596 Sport Hill Rd., Easton


One-stop shopping in a delightfully local way! Head to the farm, breathe in the country air and pick up some locally made desserts. Delights such as Maple Sweet Potato Pie, Fall Harvest (apple/pear), Cranberry Pear Cobbler, Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple Crumb pies are yours to enjoy. You can also order your turkeys and sides that are sustainably farmed, nonGMO, picked and grown with love! All that’s missing are the Pilgrims. 

Scratch Baking

58 River St., Milford


A bake shop in a small city with a big heart! From breads and scones to cakes, pies and  brownies, you’ll find something lovely for your holiday spread. And if you don’t like it, they’ll give you something else (item/credit/refund)...they want you happy! So, go for it-try their Apple Crumb, Traditional Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin Pies, rice pudding or vegan bars. Honestly, you can’t go wrong!

St. Moritz Bakery

383 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich


Your holiday table will be a happy place when graced with St. Moritz’s Raspberry Almond Tarts (that look like wee pumpkins), Chocolate-Dipped Turkey and Pumpkin Cookies, Apricot Almond Tart, Swiss Apple Tart or French Apple Tart. They also bake a wide assortment of gluten-free desserts, from truffles, mousse cups, cakes, marzipan, meringues and cupcakes that your guests will gobble, gobble, gobble.